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Wabco has introduced two technological enhancements for its electronic braking systems (EBS) for truck and trailer combinations. The two developments are designed to improve the performance of braking systems fitted to extra long trailers and also truck and trailer combinations where two or more trailers are used.
WABCO Holdings Inc. has established WABCO Reman Solutions to specialize in remanufacturing electronic and mechatronic components as well as traditional mechanical products. The new operating unit will initially serve OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers of commercial, passenger, and agricultural vehicles in Europe and North America, eventually expanding into Asia.
WABCO Holdings, a Tier 1 supplier to the commercial-vehicle industry, is supplying its new modular automated manual transmission (AMT) system to China National Heavy Truck Corp. (CNHTC). CNHTC is the largest producer of heavy-duty trucks in China and the first OEM to adopt WABCO's AMT system in volume production.
WABCO has opened a new 65,000-ft² (2790-m²) facility in Chennai, India, that will enable the company to significantly expand its software engineering and shared services capabilities. WABCO plans to further leverage its talent in India and expand its software engineering capabilities to support the local design of new products and systems for emerging markets as well as to contribute to the global development of advanced technologies for commercial vehicles (CVs).
Although some commercial vehicle fleets and owners remain skeptical about autonomous driving and the implications for their big rigs traveling down the highway, much of the technology is already available to make it a real possibility, states WABCO's Jon Morrison.
WABCO Holdings Inc. recently opened its fifth manufacturing facility in India, located in Lucknow. The new plant will supply advanced braking technologies, including antilock braking systems (ABS), actuators, and a range of braking valves, for multiple global heavy-truck and bus manufacturers operating in India.
Season two of the T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship took place this spring at India’s F1 track, the Buddh International Circuit (BIC), with Stuart Oliver of Team Castrol Vecton winning for the second year in a row in the 16-lap final race, helping Team Castrol Vecton win the team title.
WABCO recently opened a new Application Engineering Center in Pune, the supplier’s second such facility in India. The new center will allow WABCO’s team of application and test engineers to work closely with global commercial vehicle (CV) manufacturers in India to jointly develop customized products and solutions across a broad range of vehicle platforms, the company said in a release. 
Among the new products WABCO displayed at the IAA Hanover CV Show was an electrically driven compressor for heavy duty air-braking systems and a new energy saving engine driven compressor.
Dr. Christian Wiehen, Chief Technology Officer for WABCO, discusses ADAS, platooning and automated future for trucks.
Journal Article
Jouke Van der Krieke, Gandert Van Raemdonck
Abstract Improving the aerodynamic drag level of semi-trailers will contribute largely to reduce the fuel consumption and the emissions of harmful gases of heavy duty vehicles. The final step in product validation of aerodynamic drag reduction devices is often conducting fuel savings test during operational activities. During an operational test, data is gathered for a period when the vehicle is not equipped with an aerodynamic device and consequently for a period with the device equipped. A simple fuel consumption comparison between the periods does not give the desired accurate result as the operating conditions are different for the control and test period. In an attempt to take these varying conditions into account, the average fuel consumption per ride is modeled as a linear function of several independent variables: the wind conditions, the outside temperature, the humidity, the payload, the road inclination and the presence of the drag reduction device.
WABCO Holdings signed a long-term cooperation agreement in late August with Nexteer Automotive to collaborate on the development and supply of active steering systems for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles using Nexteer's advanced steering assistance technology.
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