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Richard Hall, Hartmut Keller, Christoph Hecht, Oliver Fakler, Angela Spence, Vito Mauro, Job Klijnhout, Mike McDonald
This book provides valuable insight and critical appraisal of key areas of intelligent transport systems (ITS) for land transport in Europe. ITS is becoming increasingly important as the means to improving the efficiency, safety and comfort of the transport of people and goods, while at the same time, helping to minimize environmental damage and the contribution of transport to global warming. The material draws on over four years of study by the ROSETTA project- part of the European Commission 5th Framework Program. For each of the 12 areas addressed, the book provides a vision for their application, identifies key issues yet to be addressed and the future opportunities that the timely application and advancement of ITS can bring. Contents: Context Traveller Services Vehicles and Infrastructure Network Management Freight Transport ITS Support
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