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SAE MOBILUS Subscription
The Aircraft Maintenance Chemical and Materials subscription relate to the chemicals, materials, and processes used in exterior maintenance and overhaul operations of aircrafts. This information matches industry needs, operational requirements, and regulatory and safety practices. The more than 120 standards in this resource include: Compounds For Cleaning Aircraft Turbine Engine Components Paint and Epoxy Removal Cleaners For Aircraft Exterior Surfaces Deicing Guidelines, Procedures, and Applications
SAE MOBILUS Subscription
The standards in this subscription were developed and issued by SAE's Finishes, Processes and Fluids committee. They cover the full breadth of requirements and procedures related to the testing and use of metals and alloys in the aerospace industry. Specific topics include: Inspection of Ground, Chromium Plated Steel Parts Protective Treatments, Magnesium Alloys Structural Examination of Titanium Alloys, Chemical Etch Inspection Procedure Identification Bars, Wire, Mechanical Tubing, and Extrusions, Carbon and Alloy Steels and Corrosion of Heat-Resistant Steels and Alloys Clarification of Terms Used in Aerospace Metals Specifications
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