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WIP Standard
This SAE Recommended Practice is intended to provide any technical person or group interested in ignition system design and/or evaluation with the specific equipment, conditions, and methods which will produce test results definitive and reproducible for his own work and yet sufficiently standardized to be acceptable to other groups working on battery ignition systems for automotive engines.
WIP Standard
This specification covers the chromaticity and transmission requirements of equipment light transmitting ware in the descending order of transmission. It is intended for use in military aircraft lighting.
WIP Standard
This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) provides technical recommendations for the application, design and development of lighting for Unmanned Aircraft (UA). The recommendations set forth in this document are to aid in the design of UA lighting for the type or size of aircraft and the operation in the National Aerospace System for which the aircraft is intended.
WIP Standard
This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) provides definitions of and inspection criteria for defects commonly encountered in molded and finished glass covers for exterior aircraft lighting. This document covers, but is not limited to, visual inspection and evaluation recommendations for molded glass covers used in exterior aircraft lighting applications. The included definitions are for those defects most commonly encountered. The goal is to provide specific evaluation criteria in the following areas: a. color; b. internal quality; c. external (surface) quality; d. dimension; and e. coatings.

Inspection of glass covers shall be made at a typical reading distance with normal or corrected 20-20 vision under adequate lighting. Covers shall be free from defects which will prevent meeting intensity and beam distribution, strength, thermal shock, and other physical requirements. All covers shall be manufactured and finished using quality workmanship.

This session addresses all facets of aircraft lighting equipment–design, manufacture, operation, maintenance, and in-service experience. It will explore standards pertaining to aircraft lighting and lighting emission sources which will fulfill the needs and requirements of operational control and utility, including all lighting on and in an aircraft and under its control.
The scope of this SAE Standard is the definition of the functional, environmental, and life cycle test requirements for electrically operated backup alarm devices primarily intended for use on off-road, self propelled work machines as defined by SAE J1116 (limited to categories of 1) construction, and 2) general purpose industrial). This purpose of this document is to define a set of performance requirements for backup alarms, independent of machine usage. The laboratory tests defined in this document are intended to provide a uniform and repeatable means of verifying whether or nor a test alarm meets the stated requirements. For on-machine requirements and test procedures, refer to SAE J 1446.
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