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WIP Standard
This SAE Recommended Practice applies to all portions of the vehicle, but design efforts should focus on components and systems with the highest contribution to the overall average repair cost (see 3.7). The costs to be minimized include not only insurance premiums, but also out-of-pocket costs incurred by the owner. Damageability, repairability, serviceability and diagnostics are inter-related. Some repairability, serviceability and diagnostics operations may be required for collision or comprehensive loss-related causes only, some operations for non-collision-related causes only (warranty, scheduled maintenance, non-scheduled maintenance, etc.), and some for both causes. The scope of this document deals with only those operations that involve collision and comprehensive insurance loss repairs.
This SAE Recommended Practice is intended to cover current safety glazing practice applicable to safety glazing for use in motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment. Nominal specifications for thickness, flatness, curvature, size, and fabrication details are included principally for the guidance of body engineers and designers.
Technical Paper
Rama Subbu, Baskar Anthonysamy, Piyush Mani Sharma
Abstract In India, demand for motorcycle with good comfort is increasing among the customers thereby the vibration reduction of two wheelers is key parameter for motorcycle manufacturers. In order to overcome the demand in the market, manufacturers are giving more importance to cost of the product by reducing the material. This results in the reduction of the life cycle of the vehicle models and drives the manufacturers to different product design philosophies and design tools, as one would expect. One of the performance factors that continue to challenge designers is that of vehicle vertical acceleration experienced by the motorcycle components. An essential tool in the motorcycle development process is the ability to quantify the durability of the component. This paper main objective is to increase the life of the motorcycle front fender through virtual simulation, on road testing and laboratory testing using NVH tool.
WIP Standard
This SAE Standard provides test procedures, requirements, and guidelines for a daytime running light (DRL) function.
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