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Technical Paper
Rama Subbu, Baskar Anthonysamy, Piyush Mani Sharma
In India, demand for motorcycle with good comfort is increasing among the customers thereby the vibration reduction of two wheelers is key parameter for motorcycle manufacturers. In order to overcome the demand in the market, manufacturers are giving more importance to ride comfort by reducing vibration experienced by the customer while using it. This results in the reduction of the life cycle of the vehicle models and drives the manufacturers to different product design philosophies and design tools, as one would expect. One of the performance factors that continue to challenge designers is that of vehicle longitudinal and vertical acceleration experienced by the motorcycle components. An essential tool in the motorcycle development process is the ability to quantify the durability of the component. This paper main objective is to increase the life of the motorcycle front fender through virtual simulation, on road testing and laboratory testing using NVH tool.
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