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This seminar introduces participants to all aspects of threaded fasteners including nomenclature, geometric considerations, metallurgy, material properties, applied stresses, and considerations for fatigue, corrosion, brittle fracture and temperature. Methods are developed for the analysis and design of bolted joints under axial and shear loads. Other topics include assembly practice and methods to control preload.
The purpose of this Aerospace Information Report (AIR) is to provide the aerospace propulsion industry with recommended assembly torque limits for threaded fasteners when a common torque value per fastener size is the objective. (The fasteners are based on the dimensional data in MA1518). It also provides a series of curves that show the effect of the coefficient of friction on the axial load produced in a fastener, when the recommended torques are applied.
WIP Standard
This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) provides a tabular listing of materials, procurement specifications, and mechanical properties for bolts and screws developed for use on aerospace propulsion systems designed using the U.S. customary system or the SI system.

The list is intended to give a brief overview of the various kinds of SAE aerospace procurement specifications available when developing bolt and screw part standards.

WIP Standard
No scope available.
WIP Standard
This standard provides a method of applying surface roughness, waviness and lay control. The data included herein also covers the method of applying surface roughness symbols and related designations to drawings and specifications of parts when applicable. This standard is based on the Arithmetical Average (AA) method of instrumentation. Data compiled are based on current manufacturing practices. It also includes a summary of data published in the latest issue of the American Standards Association publication ASA B46.1.
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