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This specification establishes the requirements for self-locking nuts, wrenching type (i.e., hexagon, double hexagon, and spline drive), made of a corrosion and heat resistant steel of the type identified under the Unified Numbering System as UNS S66286. Classification: a. 220 ksi minimum tensile strength at room temperature and b. 850 degrees F maximum test temperature of parts. Primarily for use in aerospace propulsion systems in temperatures up to approximately 850 degrees were nuts are used with bolts capable of developing 220 ksi axial tensile strength at room temperature, and having UNJ thread form.
This Aerospace Information Report (AIR) describes a Limited Engine Monitoring System that can be used by the flight crew or the maintenance staff, or both, to monitor the health of gas turbine engines in aircraft. This AIR considers monitoring of gas path performance and mechanical parameters, and systems such as low cycle fatigue counters and engine history recorders. It also considers typical measurement system accuracies and their impact. This AIR is intended as a technical guide. It is not intended to be used as a legal document or standard. AIR 1873 supplements ARP 1587, Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Monitoring System Guide.
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The scope of these standards will relate to single-axis moment scales only. Topics covered include dimensional characteristics of single-axis moment scale interfaces, general tooling requirements, scale and tooling accuracy, and display instrument accuracy requirements. Additionally, general guidelines for qualification of equipment and tooling are included, as are general requirements for single-axis blade distribution software.
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This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) is written for individuals associated with the ground-level testing of large and small gas turbine engines and particularly for those who might be interested in constructing new or adding to existing engine test cell facilities.
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The goal of this new Aerospace Information Report is to supplement the content of AS6327™ and provide a reference document for the new Aerospace Standard. This new Aerospace Information Report will serve as a practical resource that offers guidance to the machine operator and Process Engineer for isolating the source(s) of non-repeatability in measured unbalance data. The content will include: • Machine Capability to achieve the specified unbalance tolerances and repeat within those tolerances • Tooling Capability to repeat within the specified unbalance tolerances • Rotor characteristics that may preclude repeating within the required unbalance tolerances.
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