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Stanford goes solar down under Team takes sixth place in Bridgestone World Solar Challenge to cap a rigorous two-year design and development program. Taking the lead Being in charge of an SAE Student Chapter entails everything from organizing meetings to issuing 'nastygrams.' A winning video from a winning Collegiate Design Series team The defending champion of the Formula SAE Michigan competition, Oregon State University, has found another way to win. SAE U.K. Section co-hosts lecture series 'starring' NASA engineer/expert Dr. Ravi Margasahayam of NASA is the engineer responsible for ensuring payload safety for the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station.
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The goal of this new document is to provide criteria for managing, auditing, and controlling the use of rotating balancing tooling and associated support tools. A variety of subjects will be addressed including serialization and marking requirements, critical inspection criteria, performance tracking through tooling compensation trend analysis, handling of gage standards (rotor simulators, master blades, dummy blades, etc.), recommendations for periodic and preventive maintenance intervals, test recommendations to evaluate rotating tooling performance, requirements for traceable measures (such as torques, runouts, eccentricity, etc.), repeatability characterization, and criteria for return to service.
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Uncertainty quantification The technique is a must for next-generation simulation tools. Oil-pump sizing Researchers from Hinduja Tech investigate options for low friction and power consumption. The future of Indian commercial aviation The growth in traffic that airport modernization has supported has also made a significant contribution to the local and national economies, while the improved infrastructure has been positive for the perception of India in the global market. Driving EVs toward lower cost The race ison to reduce battery and electric-drive systems cost while improving efficiency. Powering on Rolls-Royce's Chief Engineer discusses new technologies that inspire current R&D design and evaluation work as part of its strategic roadmap for future big commercial programs. HMIs extend beyond the cab Telematic functions are being integrated into multi-function user interfaces.
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The paper will discuss in general terms the activities required to be undertaken or demonstrated during the establishment of the facility
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This procurement specification covers bolts and screws made from a corrosion and heat resistant age hardenable iron base alloy of the type identified under the Unified Numbering System as UNS S66286.

The following specification designations and their properties are covered: AS7478: 130 ksi minimum ultimate tensile strength at room temperature 65 ksi stress-rupture strength at 1200 degrees F; AS7478-2 130 ksi minimum ultimate tensile strength at room temperature 78 ksi minimum ultimate shear strength at room temperature.

Classification: 130 ksi minimum tensile strength at room temperature 1200 degrees F maximum test temperature of parts.

Primarily for aerospace propulsion system applications where stress-rupture strength and creep resistance are required at elevated temperature.

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This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) has been written for individuals associated with ground level testing of turbofan and turbojet engines and particularly for those who might be interested in investigating the performance characteristics of a new test cell design or of proposed modifications to an existing test cell by means of numerical modeling and simulation.
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