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Papers in:   PT-126

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2000-01-0187 Achieving Heavy-Duty Diesel NOx/PM Levels Below the EPA 2002 Standards--An Integrated Solution  
2000-01-0188 An Integrated SCR and Continuously Regenerating Trap System to Meet Future NOx and PM Legislation  
2000-01-0189 Improved SCR Systems for Heavy Duty Applications  
2000-01-0473 Passenger Car Serial Application of a Particulate Filter System on a Common Rail Direct Injection Diesel Engine  
2000-01-1016 Fundamental Studies of Diesel Particulate Filters: Transient Loading, Regeneration and Aging  
2000-01-1199 Modeling and Control of a NOx Trap Catalyst  
2001-01-0510 Development of a Desulfurization Strategy for a NOx Adsorber Catalyst System  
2001-01-0514 Advanced Urea SCR Catalysts for Automotive Applications  
2001-01-3625 Recent Advances in the Development of Urea-SCR for Automotive Applications  
2002-01-0428 Optimising the Low Temperature Performance and Regeneration Efficiency of the Continuously Regenerating Diesel Particulate Filter (CR-DPF) System  
2002-01-0957 Simultaneous PM and NOx Reduction System for Diesel Engines  
2003-01-0040 Heavy Duty Diesel Emission Regulations - Past, Present, and Future  
2003-01-0043 Passenger Car Investigations of NOx-Adsorber and DPF Combination to Fulfill Future Diesel Emission Limits  
2003-01-0378 Ceria-Based Fuel-Borne Catalysts for Series Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration  
2003-01-3179 The Influence of Engine Lubricating Oil on Diesel Nanoparticle Emissions and Kinetics of Oxidation  
2003-01-3362 Control Strategy for NOx - Emission Reduction with SCR  
2003-01-3753 Developments In Diesel Emission Aftertreatment Technology  
2004-01-0694 The Diesel Exhaust Aftertreatment (DEXA) Cluster: A Systematic Approach to Diesel Particulate Emission Control in Europe  
2004-01-0948 Ash Storage Concept for Diesel Particulate Filters  
2004-01-0949 Ash Storage Capacity Enhancement of Diesel Particulate Filter  
2004-01-1291 NOx Control Development with Urea SCR on a Diesel Passenger Car  
2004-01-1292 Technical Advantages of Urea SCR for Light-Duty and Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicle Applications  
2004-01-1425 Combined NOx and PM Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment Approaches for HSDI Diesel Engines  
2004-01-1452 Passenger Vehicle Diesel Engines for the U.S.  
2004-01-1989 Fuel and Lubricant Effects on Nucleation Mode Particle Emissions From a Euro III Light Duty Diesel Vehicle  
2004-01-3046 New Strategies for Soot Emission Reduction of HD Vehicles  
2005-01-0946 Progress in Diesel Particulate Filter Simulation  
2005-01-0966 Modeling and Control of a Urea-SCR Aftertreatment System  
2005-01-1756 The Second Generation of Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filter Systems for Passenger Cars - Particulate Filters with Integrated Oxidation Catalyst Function-  
2005-01-1860 Development of Urea-SCR System for Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicles  
2005-01-3548 NOx and PM Reduction Using Combined SCR and DPF Technology in Heavy Duty Diesel Applications  
2005-01-3628 Developing Diesel Engines to Meet Ultra-low Emission Standards  
2006-01-0030 Diesel Emission Control in Review  
2006-01-0211 Study of 2-LEG NOx Storage-Reduction Catalyst System for HD Diesel Engine  
2006-01-0467 An Advanced 1D 2-Layer Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filter Model to Simulate: Filtration by the Wall and Particulate Cake, Oxidation in the Wall and Particulate Cake by NO2 and O2, and Regeneration by Heat Addition  
2006-01-0637 DPF SCR Combinations Integrated Systems to Meet Future LDV Emission Limits  
2006-01-0878 DPR with Empirical Formula to Improve Active Regeneration of a PM Filter  
2006-01-1145 Advanced Diesel Technology to Achieve Tier 2 Bin 5 Emissions Compliance in US Light-Duty Diesel Applications  
2006-01-3280 Effect of Biodiesel Blends on Diesel Particulate Filter Performance  
2006-01-3443 Effects of Fuel Properties on the Performance of Advanced Diesel NOx Aftertreatment Devices  
2006-01-3552 Advanced NOx Aftertreatment System And Controls For On-Highway Heavy Duty Diesel Engines  
2007-01-0232 New Flow-Through Trap System Targeting 50% PM Removal for Diesel Emission Control  
2007-01-0239 Study on Low NOX Emission Control Using Newly Developed Lean NOX Catalyst for Diesel Engines  
2007-01-0313 Multi-Instrumental Assessment of Diesel Particulate Filters  
2007-01-0317 Soot Emission Behavior from Diverse Vehicles and Catalytic Technologies Measured by a Solid Particle Counting System  
2007-01-0320 Detailed Diesel Exhaust Particulate Characterization and Real-Time DPF Filtration Efficiency Measurements During PM Filling Process  
2007-01-0921 Filtration Behavior of Diesel Particulate Filters (1)  
2007-01-0923 Filtration Behavior of Diesel Particulate Filters (2)  
2007-01-1063 Detailed Diesel Exhaust Particulate Characterization and DPF Regeneration Behavior Measurements for Two Different Regeneration Systems  
2007-01-1127 Control Strategies for Peak Temperature Limitation in DPF Regeneration Supported by Validated Modeling  
2007-01-1128 Combined Particulate Matter and NOx Aftertreatment Systems for Stringent Emission Standards  
2007-01-1241 Ceria Doped Ba-Alumina Oxides for Durable NOx-Storage Catalysts Efficient at Low Temperature  
2007-01-1244 Calibration of a LNT-SCR Diesel Aftertreatment System  
2007-01-1574 Is Closed-Loop SCR Control Required to Meet Future Emission Targets?  
2007-01-1577 Innovative Substrate Technology for High Performance Heavy Duty Truck SCR Catalyst Systems  

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