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Papers in:   SP-2038

Paper Number
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2006-01-0496 Interfacial Forces Between Tire and Snow Under Different Snow Depths  
2006-01-0497 Simulation of Tire-Snow Interfacial Forces for a Range of Snow Densities with Uncertainty  
2006-01-0498 A Radial-Ply Tire's Three-Dimensional Transmissibility Analysis  
2006-01-0499 A Method for Overcoming Limitations of Tire Models for Vehicle Level Virtual Testing  
2006-01-0729 Vibration Test Specification for Automotive Products Based on Measured Vehicle Load Data  
2006-01-0730 Durability Assessment and Riding Comfort Evaluation of a New Type Scooter by Road Simulation Technique  
2006-01-0731 Road Simulators: The Iterative Algorithm for Drive File Creation  
2006-01-0732 Model-in-the-Loop Track Simulation  
2006-01-0733 Steering Measurement, Analysis and Simulation on 6DOF Road Test Simulator  
2006-01-0990 On the Development of Frame Analysis Program to Simulate Automotive Frame using Direct Dynamic Stiffness Approach  
2006-01-0991 Suspension Tuning Parameters Affecting Impact Harshness Performance Evaluation  
2006-01-0992 Chassis Loads Prediction using Measurements as Input to an Unconstrained Multi-Body Dynamics Model  
2006-01-0993 Virtual Testing and Correlation with Spindle Coupled Full Vehicle Testing System  
2006-01-0994 Beam Element Leaf Spring Suspension Model Development and Assessment Using Road Load Data  
2006-01-1255 Automotive Axle Simulation and Correlation  
2006-01-1256 Evaluation Method for Road Load Simulation Using a Tire Model and an Applied Example  
2006-01-1257 Truck Frame Motion Prediction and Correlation  
2006-01-1258 In Vehicle Exhaust Mount Load Measurement and Calculation  

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