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Papers in:   SP-2188

Paper Number
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2008-01-0728 Testing and Verification of Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Warning with Brake Support by Using HIL Simulations  
2008-01-0817 Brake System and Subsystem Design Considerations for Race Track and High Energy Usage Based on Fade Limits  
2008-01-0818 Thermal Brake Judder Investigations Using a High Speed Dynamometer  
2008-01-0819 “Sticky” Lining – the Phenomena, Mechanism and Prevention  
2008-01-0820 Analysis of Air Flow and Heat Dissipation from a High Performance GT Car Front Brake  
2008-01-0821 Pneumatic Brake Apply System Response and Aero-Acoustic Performance Considerations  
2008-01-0822 Flow and Heat Transfer Analysis of a Ventilated Disc Brake Rotor Using CFD  
2008-01-0823 Brake Noise Analysis with Lining Wear  
2008-01-0824 A Study on the Effect of Brake Assist Systems (BAS)  
2008-01-0825 Drum Brake Out of Roundness Reduction to Improve Brake Pulsation  
2008-01-0826 The Measurement and Analysis of the Disc/Pad Interface Dynamic Centre of Pressure and Its Influence on Brake Noise  
2008-01-1224 Active Four Wheel Brake Proportioning for Improved Performance and Safety  
2008-01-1225 A Model-Based Fault Diagnosis System for Electro-Hydraulic Brake  
2008-01-1227 Development of Crawl Control  
2008-01-1228 Stability and Control Considerations of Vehicle-Trailer Combination  

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