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Papers in:   SP-2217

Paper Number
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2008-01-2636 Improved NOx Reduction Using Wiremesh Thermolysis Mixer in Urea SCR System  
2008-01-2637 Emissions Generated from a Suzuki Liane Running on Unleaded Gasoline and LPG under the Same Load Conditions  
2008-01-2638 New Developments in Diesel Oxidation Catalysts  
2008-01-2639 Preparation and Characterization of Nanophase Gold Catalysts for Emissions Control  
2008-01-2640 SCR Technology with Focus to Stringent Emissions Legislation  
2008-01-2641 Transient On-Road Emission Reduction of an LNT + SCR Aftertreatment System  
2008-01-2642 NOx Performance of an LNT+SCR System Designed to Meet EPA 2010 Emissions: Results of Engine Dynamometer Emission Tests  
2008-01-2643 Mild Catalytic DPF Regeneration and Related CO Emissions in Commercial Vehicles  
2008-01-2644 Development of a Lube Filter with Controlled Additive Release for Modern Heavy Duty Diesel Engines Utilizing EGR  
2008-01-2646 Modeling and Testing of the Throttle Body Usage in a Diesel Engine to Improve NOx Emissions  

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