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Papers in:   SP-2316

Paper Number
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2011-01-0379 Validation of a CFD Model of a Hollow-Cone Spray with Gasoline Fuel Blends  
2011-01-0380 New Innovative Simulation Tool, the Virtual Spray Vessel (VSV), to Improve the Characterization and Spray Stability of Mass Produced Fuel Injectors  
2011-01-0381 Programmable Diesel Injector Transducer Test Results  
2011-01-0382 Optimization of a Mono-fuel Liquid Phase LPG MPI Fuel System  
2011-01-0383 Correlation of Split-Injection Needle Lift and Spray Structure  
2011-01-0384 A Computational Investigation of Flash-Boiling Multi-hole Injectors with Gasoline-Ethanol Blends  
2011-01-0386 Numerical Simulation of Diesel Sprays Using an Eulerian-Lagrangian Spray and Atomization (ELSA) Model Coupled with Nozzle Flow  
2011-01-0387 Modeling the Influence of Molecular Interactions on the Vaporization of Multi-component Fuel Sprays  
2011-01-0389 Diesel Injection-System Simulation: Added Value of the Energy Conservation Equation  
2011-01-0390 Response Surface Modeling of Diesel Spray Parameterized by Geometries Inside of Nozzle  
2011-01-0679 Spray and Atomization Characterization of a Micro-Variable Circular-Orifice (MVCO) Fuel Injector  
2011-01-0681 Characterization of the Near-Field Spray and Internal Flow of Single-Hole and Multi-Hole Sac Nozzles using Phase Contrast X-Ray Imaging and CFD  
2011-01-0682 Analysis of Diesel Spray Momentum Flux Spatial Distribution  
2011-01-0684 The Measurement of Penetration Length of Diesel Spray by Using Background Oriented Schlieren Technique  
2011-01-0685 Experimental Characterization of High-Pressure Impinging Sprays for CFD Modeling of GDI Engines  
2011-01-0686 Relationship Between Diesel Fuel Spray Vapor Penetration/Dispersion and Local Fuel Mixture Fraction  
2011-01-0687 Influence of a Fast Injection Rate Common Rail Injector for the Spray and Combustion Characteristics of Diesel Engine  
2011-01-0688 An Experimental Investigation on the Evaporation Characteristics of a Two-Component Fuel in Diesel-Like Sprays  

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