Welcome to Group Payment Plans

When you complete this process each renewed member will automatically receive e-mail confirmation (if valid e-mail address is available). And you'll be able to print a confirming receipt showing the members renewed and the total amount billed.

Before you begin, here is what you'll need:

  • The SAE membership number and last name for each member you wish to renew. (Member number is the ten-digit number on membership cards, magazine labels, dues notices, and most SAE mailing labels.)
  • A credit card or SAE deposit account with which to pay the renewal fees. (You'll need the exact name and billing address for the credit card holder.)

To utilize Group Payment Plans, each member must renew at the same membership level. To change addresses, mail preferences, or magazine selections, you must log into "MY SAE" section of the website which requires you to have your SAE User ID and Password.To change membership levels, you must renew through the Renewal Center (Online Renewal) since member benefits change with each level.

All early payment and electronic payment discounts are automatically included in the renewal amount that appears when you enter a member number and last name. Changes in membership dues status (retired, unemployed, etc.) require that you contact SAE Customer Service at 1-877-606-7323 (1-724-776-4970 outside the US and Canada).

When entering multiple memberships for payment, do not leave blank lines between members.

Let's get started:

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