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Baja SAE Washington Recap

WARRENDALE, Pa., May 31, 2013

The 2013 Baja SAE season continued with teams traveling to Bellingham, Washington. Baja SAE Washington was hosted by Western Washington University and held at the Northwest Washington Fair and Event Center and Dynamic Events taking place at Hannegan Speedway. Seventy-one Teams made the trip for the four day event held May 16-19, 2013.

Thursday morning began with teams registering and being paddocked at the Northwest Washington Fair and Event Center, along with registration. By the end of the day the Paddocks were bustling with team activity. Forty-one teams visited the Briggs & Stratton garage for their overall general evaluation and a governor (RPM) setting check.

Friday continued with Briggs & Stratton and with the Honda Technical Inspections of all Baja vehicles by the National Technical Inspectors. Baja SAE Washington implemented the new design process that teams had used in Baja SAE Auburn 2012 where Polaris and the local Washington Design Judges had teams divided into design bays where they were able to meet with the design judges that read their design reports and then judged their cars. The Polaris Design finalists were:

#005 Ecole De Technologie Superieure
#009 Univ of Louisville
#006 University of Maryland Baltimore Co
#003 Rochester Institute of Technology
#001 Universite Laval
#018 California State Poly Univ - Pomona
#007 South Dakota School of Mines and Tech
#002 Oregon State Univ

Polaris had their Design Finals Friday night with feedback being given Saturday for teams. Overall winners were:

1st Place #006 University of Maryland Baltimore Co
2nd Place #001 Universite Laval
3rd Place #009 University of Louisville

Saturday kicked with teams moving from the Northwest Fairground to Hannegan Speedway for Dynamic Day. The organizing committee built three impressive courses on the grounds including the PTC Acceleration Track, the Cummins Hill Climb Event, the Magna Maneuverability Course that boasted a very steep first drop, and a Rock Crawl that tested many of the cars designs as they made their way over trucking tires, and around tight corners all while guiding around the boulders.

On Sunday teams prepared for the Endurance Race. The 2.0 mile course was laid out through the Hannegan Speedway grounds that held the dynamic events the day before. Spectators watched from the grandstands as the four hour endurance race had very close top finishers throughout as teams headed to the top they were knocked out by a black flag, fuel penalties, or rollovers causing them to fall back and in some cases make it back up to the top again. In the end the top three Honda Endurance Winners were:

1st Place #030 University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
2nd Place #004 University of Nebraska - Lincoln
3rd Place #083 Ohio Northern University

Following the Honda Endurance Race teams headed back to the main tent to have an Awards Banquet sponsored by the Washington Organizing Committee and done by the Washington Culinary Institute. Teams cleaned up from the muddy endurance race, and prepared to hear the results of their week. Overall Winners of the 2013 Baja SAE Washington Competition are:

1st Place #030 University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
2nd Place #002 Oregon State University
3rd Place #004 University of Nebraska - Lincoln
4th Place #005 Ecole De Technologie Superieure
5th Place #009 University of Louisville
6th Place #018 California State Poly Univ - Pomona
7th Place #083 Ohio Northern University
8th Place #006 University of Maryland Baltimore Co
9th Place #020 McGill University
10th Place #003 Rochester Institute of Technology

SAE would like to thank everyone that helped with the success of this competition including: Western Washington University and their staff that worked the event, Northwest Fairgrounds, Hannegan Speedway, Magna Powertrain, Briggs and Stratton, Cummins, Polaris, Honda, PTC and all the volunteers, alumni, and sponsors that came out to the site and worked tirelessly behind the scenes months before and especially the lead organizer Dr. Steven Fleishman, Tasha St Clair, Drew Thayer and the Washington organizing committee.

SAE Staff thanks you all for your dedication and commitment to making Baja SAE Washington truly a successful event.