SAE Collegiate Design Series

March 28-30, 2014
Fort Worth, Texas, USA
April 11-13, 2014
Marietta, Georgia, USA
March 3-8, 2014
Houghton, Michigan
May 14-17, 2014
Brooklyn, Michigan
June 18-21, 2014
Lincoln, Nebraska
June 18-21, 2014
Lincoln, Nebraska
April 28 - May 1, 2014
Loudon, New Hampshire
June 4-7, 2014
Peoria, Illinois
April 24-27, 2014
El Paso, Texas
May 22-25, 2014
Pittsburg, Kansas
June 5-6, 2014
Marshall, Michigan

Baja SAE Kansas Banquet Tickets & Shirt

WARRENDALE, Pa., May 15, 2014

Online ordering for banquet tickets and Event T-shirts is now set up for credit card purchase on the website at It is extremely important that your teams order banquet tickets and t-shirts (if desired) on the website so that we have an accurate count for the banquet meals for the caterer and that we have enough T-shirts on hand.  Please note that you are getting a discounted price on the Event T-Shirts if you order on line.  They will go up in price at the event.  We have taken great lengths to offer you a unique Event T-shirt at a very reasonable price.

Please print off your receipt and bring it with you to registration.  This is where you will receive your prepaid banquet tickets and prepaid T-shirts.  If you do not have your receipt, you will have to print another or you will not receive your tickets and shirts.

If you are planning to stay for the banquet please make your purchases no later than Tuesday May 20th so that we can get an accurate head count.