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Global Formula Racing Defends Formula SAE Michigan 1st Place Title

WARRENDALE, Pa., May 18, 2011

Joining the ranks with only two other teams (University of Texas-Arlington and Cornell University) to pull off a back-to-back 1st Place finish in the history of Formula SAE; Global Formula Racing, an international team collaboration consisting of students from Oregon State University and Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg-Ravensburg of Germany, clinched that honor when they were named 1st Place finishers at Saturday night’s award ceremony. 

Global Formula Racing (GFR) succeeded in obtaining 1st Place in three of the most highly sought after awards including Engineering Design sponsored by PTC, Endurance and SAE Spirit of Excellence. Along with those first place finishes, GFR captured 8 more awards for various events.

This international collaboration originally started with the students designing certain aspects of one another’s vehicles but after several years the collaboration moved to a whole new level last year with the two universities working together as one to design and build an entire car to enter both in the U.S. and E.U. competitions; something they continued this year. 

Formula SAE Michigan’s competition returned to the Michigan International Speedway for its fourth year at this venue. The venue offers a great experience to all who participate especially with recent site updates from recent construction of suites used for Presentation. Located in Brooklyn, Michigan the venue offers team paddocks on asphalt with built-in electric hook-ups, NASCAR garages and suites for all static judging. All the dynamic events where the vehicles operate are on the back side of the oval which will be repaved for next year’s competition. 

Over 100 teams registered for the competition however only 99 teams brought a working vehicle. SAE International registered teams representing colleges and universities from Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, United Kingdom, United States and Venezuela. 

Technical Inspection saw all 99 cars in Scrutineering and eventually gave stickers to all cars as they passed; however not all 99 passed through fuel/tilt and brake/noise. 

After a full day of design judging; the judges invited 13 teams to participate in the Design Semi-finals. Those teams were:
Car #1 Oregon State University
Car #3 Graz University of Technology
Car #11 Universitat of Stuttgart
Car #7 Technical University of Munich
Car #5 Rochester Institute of Technology
Car #70 University of Applied Sciences - Graz
Car #2 University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Car #45 University of Wisconsin - Madison
Car #9 Cornell University
Car #24 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Car #27 University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden
Car #41 University of Applied Sciences Zwickau
Car #17 Universidad Simon Bolivar
Car #62 Virginia Tech

Pushing forward into Design Finals was:

Car #1 Oregon State University
Car #3 Graz University of Technology
Car #11 Universitat of Stuttgart 
Car #5 Rochester Institute of Technology
Car #7 Technical University of Munich
Car #70 University of Applied Sciences Graz

Taking first place in Cost receiving the SAE Cost Award was Car #10 Kookmin University from South Korea.

Receiving the first place honors in the SAE Presentation event was Car #11 Universitat Stuttgart from Germany.

For those cars that passed technical inspection on Thursday, teams took to the track in the morning completing their Acceleration and Skid Pad runs. With the unusual high temperatures for Michigan weather, Car #9 Cornell University added some heat with a first place finish in Acceleration with a fastest time of 3.945 seconds. Heating up the pavement even more was the University of Applied Sciences – Graz from Austria in the Skid Pad event with the fastest time of 5.154 seconds.

In the afternoon teams completed their runs for the Ford Autocross; crossing the starting line were 84 cars. Finishing in first place with a clean run and fastest time of 48.151 seconds was Car #36 University of Kansas-Lawrence; Kansas was a whole 15.3 seconds faster than 2010 winners. This year’s course was designed with assistance from Sports Club Car of America providing use of fewer cones on track. Clinching second place in the Ford Autocross was Car #1 Oregon State University (Global Formula Racing) with their fastest time of 48.535 seconds; in third place was Car #33 South Dakota School of Mines and Technology with 48.577 seconds.

Teams who completed the event and placed were assigned a position in the Endurance run order. Eighty-six cars started the course with each driver completing 14 laps; 35 cars finished the event.

To increase the excitement level leading up to the award ceremony; this year’s event SAE International decided to invert the running order from slowest to fastest cars. As in every change made there is always some trial and error; we realize there may have been some flaw to the event run order however we ensure all competitors the issue will be resolved for next year.

Placing first in this year’s Endurance was car #1 Oregon State Univeristy with a total time of 1502.288 seconds over 28 laps; an adjusted time score for having hit 7 cones. Coming in second with an adjusted time of 1517.286 due to 6 cones was Car #7 Technical University of Munich from Germany. And in third place Car #3 Graz University of Technology with an adjusted time of 1521.930 due to 5 cones.

Award Winners for the 2011 Formula SAE Michigan Competition:
SAE Presentation Award                                                              
The team that receives the best score in Presentation                    
1st Place - Universitat of Stuttgart                                                                

SAE Cost Award                                                                                
The team that receives the best score in Cost   
1st Place -  Kookim University

PTC Engineering Design Award sponsored by Honda R&D Americas
Top 3 Finishers in the Design Event - $1000, $725, $525 
1st Place          Oregon State University       
2nd Place         Graz University of Technology
3rd Place          University of Stuttgart          

Chief Design Judge Best Three View Drawing Award 
Best execution of three view drawings submitted with a Design Report.  Copy of Engineering Handbook 
1st Place          National University of Singapore    
2nd Place         Northern Illinois University                             
3rd Place          Clemson University

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)
University of Stuttgart     
Rochester Institute of Technology              
University of Wisconsin - Madison                          
Oregon State University             
University of Manitoba             
Brown University                          
Universite de Sherbrooke         

FISITA Award for Engineering Excellence in Static Events
The team with the highest overall score in the static events (Cost, Presentation and Design) - $675 
Winner             Oregon State University        

The Joe Gibbs Spirit of Innovation Award   
The most innovative application of engineering technology to motorsports - $3000, $2000, $1000 
1st Place          Graz University of Technology  
2nd Place         Oregon State University
3rd Place          University of Michigan - Ann Arbor 

Altair Engineering's William R. Adam Engineering Award  
Development of new and innovative design concepts for FSAE racing competition - $1000, $500  
1st Place          University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden    
2nd Place         University of Florida    

The Fourth Annual Formula SAE Push bar Competition Event 
Winner             Northern Illinois University

Acceleration Award sponsored by General Motors Company   
The team who receives the best score in Acceleration - $750
1st Place          Cornell University      

Skid Pad Award sponsored by General Motors Company
The team who receives the best score in Skid Pad - $750     
1st Place          University of Applied Sciences - Graz

Ford Autocross Award sponsored by Ford Motor Company 
First three finishers in the Autocross event - 8 Hoosier tires, 6 Hoosier tires, 4 Hoosier tires plus trophies     
1st Place          University of Kansas - Lawrence 
2nd Place         Oregon State University    
3rd Place          South Dakota School of Mines & Technology      

Endurance Award sponsored by General Motors Company 
Top three finishers in the Endurance event - $1500, $1000, $500  
1st Place          Oregon State University     
2nd Place         Technical University of Munich 
3rd Place          Graz University of Technology

Fuel Economy Award sponsored by Ford Motor Company 
Top three finishers in the Fuel Economy event - $1500, $1000, $500 
1st Place          University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden      
2nd Place         Oregon State University   
3rd Place          San Jose State University

Honda Dynamic Event Award  
Best Combined Scores in Dynamic Events - $1000, $725, $525   
1st Place          Oregon State University
2nd Place         Technical University of Munich
3rd Place          University of Stuttgart  

The FEV Powertrain Development Award
Overall excellence in powertrain development - $1500, $750, $300   
1st Place          Oregon State University
2nd Place         Technical University of Munich
3rd Place          University of Stuttgart

Goodyear Performance Award
Best Combined Scores in Autocross and Endurance - 8 Goodyear tires, 6 Goodyear tires, 4 Goodyear tires
1st Place          Oregon State University    
2nd Place         Technical University of Munich    
3rd Place          University of Kansas – Lawrence

Formula SAE Recognition of Accomplishment
Teams that successfully score in all events and do not finish in the top 10 
Cornell University                                       
San Jose State University   
Universidad Simon Bolivar                                                                             
University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden                 
National University of Singapore                           
University of Toledo                                                        
Brown University                                                            
University of Pennsylvania                                                          
Purdue University - W Lafayette                                        
Michigan State University                                                
University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh                            
Auburn University                         
University of Central Florida                                     
Georgia Southern University                                                 
University of Manitoba                                                            
Colorado State University                                                                     
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale 

SAE Spirit of Excellence Award        
Top three overall finishers - $3000, $2000, $1000                 
1st Place          Oregon State University         
2nd Place         Technical University of Munich   
3rd Place          Universitat of Stuttgart                 
4th Place          Graz University of Technology  
5th Place          University of Wisconsin - Madison   
6th Place          University of Michigan - Ann Arbor      
7th Place          University of Applied Sciences Zwickau    
8th Place          University of Akron   
9th Place          University of Kansas - Lawrence  
10th Place        University of Applied Sciences - Graz        

Door Prize Winner for Free Registration for FSAE 2011
University of Kansas - Lawrence                                                      

To view all final score results from the Formula SAE Michigan event; you can download the additional file attached to this article. You can also visit  





The SAE Collegiate Design Series Staff would like to thank everyone who helped make this event a great success. To all the volunteers and sponsors, thank you for all your hard work and contributions! To all the students, thank you for your enduring interest in the Formula SAE competitions. For more information on this article, event results or 2012 volunteering opportunities please contact Kaley Zundel at

A Special Thanks to Our 2011 Formula SAE Michigan Event Partners:

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