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Heads Up on 2012 Formula SAE Lincoln Site Details

WARRENDALE, Pa., Sept. 13, 2011

The inauguration of Formula SAE (FSAE) at Lincoln Airpark, Lincoln, NE has given SAE International’s Collegiate Design Series (CDS) staff the opportunity use over 90 acres of flat concrete.   This large site has allowed us to plan a number of changes which you will want to consider if you plan to compete at FSAE Lincoln.  Some of the major changes from our 2011 California location will be:

Courses – All 4 dynamic event courses, Acceleration, Skid Pad, Autocross and Endurance, will be laid out before the competition opens and will be available for course walks most of the time prior to the events start times.

Course Design – Roger Johnson, one of SCCA’s premier course designers, has agreed to lay out the FSAE Lincoln Autocross and Endurance courses.  Roger’s design philosophy is for better course flow and reduction in visual confusion by avoiding the “sea of pylons” effect and improving clarity.  

Course Surface – Lincoln Airpark a former Air Force Base; has surface that consists of concrete two feet thick which has consistently been described by SCCA drivers as “grippy”. 

Food – The event site will be open to local vendors to come onsite to sell food to student teams and spectators. The area has a large number of “carnival” vendors who CDS staff plans to recruit as onsite vendors.

Generators Required – The paddocks do not have electrical power.  If you want to have power in your paddock then you will need to bring your own generator.

Larger Paddocks – Paddock sizes will be increased to 25 ft. by 50 ft. and will have a 25 ft. wide aisle at each end.   The paddocks are large enough to contain a trailer, a motor home, a work space and a passenger car.   You can put anything that fits (and is reasonable) into your paddock.

Practice Course – In addition to our traditional practice track we are planning to introduce a new, short practice course for Autocross and Endurance, possibly between 200 to 300 meters long, complete with a timing system.  The practice course will give drivers a chance to familiarize themselves with the new cone patterns.  

Spectator Areas – This is a topic on which we need your help.  The spectator areas will be separated from the courses following the SCCA distance model.  Only course officials and team members with dynamic area passes will be permitted beyond the marked spectator area.   It is absolutely critical that this policy be respected. There will also be a supply of bleachers for use.

Student Teams Responsibilities – Because this will be a working site with the Lincoln Airport functioning nearby, students will be responsible for keeping their paddocks clean of items which can take flight at all times; ie trash, etc. The site will have enough dumpsters to control all litter.

Registration for 2012 Formula SAE Lincoln is limited to 80 teams and carries a fee of $2,000.00 per school.   Registration will open at 10:00 am EDT Monday, October 3, 2011 and will follow our standard 1 month lock-out procedure that applies to North American FSAE competitions.  

For any inquiries please email