Thomas Naguy Honored with SAE International's Environmental Excellence in Transportation Award

WARRENDALE, Pa., June 21, 2011 - Thomas Naguy was honored with SAE International’s Environmental Excellence in Transportation Award for his project, “Laser Removal of Paint from Aero Assemblies.” Two of his colleagues on the project, James Arthur and Randall Straw, accepted the award on his behalf at the SAE 2011 World Congress.

Established in 2000, this award recognizes an individual or group of individuals who, through their ingenuity and dedication, make significant innovations in reducing the environmental impact caused by the transportation industry. These achievements may occur in motorized vehicles for land, sea, air and space in the areas of fuels, alternative propulsion methods, fuel usage, materials, energy usage, manufacturing methods, logistics support, as well as in education, training and improving public awareness.

According to Mr. Naguy, current chemical and mechanical methods for removing paint from U.S. Air Force (USAF) aircraft are costly, time consuming, labor-intensive and generate large quantities of hazardous wastes and air emissions. The transition to laser coating removal has allowed the USAF to decrease both their environmental impact and the costs associated with paint removal.

Mr. Naguy leads the Air Force Research Laboratory Environment and Energy Program Office. His team members on the project include James Arthur, Richard Crowther, Shanna Denny, Heather McCall, Gerard Mongelli, Debora Naguy, Georgette Nelson and Randall Straw.

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