Pat Clarke Scheduled for Formula SAE Lincoln / Electric

WARRENDALE, Pa., Nov. 14, 2012 - Recently retired after ten years as Hyundai’s training manager in Australia, Pat has more time to devote to Formula SAE and so is coming to FSAE Lincoln in 2013 as the Moderating Design Judge.

Pat came to FSAE after three years as Vice President (Technical) of the Commission International Karting. Pat participated on this sub-committee of the FIA for several years and was the Tech Director at major championships. Disillusioned with the negative effect Karting was having on the education of young people, he resigned his position after discovering Formula SAE in 1996. Pat saw value in a program where the basis was built on young people getting engineering education. It was in 1996 where he also renewed his association to Carroll Smith and was recruited for Formula SAE.

Pat’s first direct involvement was at Formula Student in 1999 as a design judge and then was part of the group who established FSAE-Australasia in 2000 where he was named Technical Advisor and Chief Design Judge, a position he still holds today.

In the early 2000s and recently in 2010 – 11, Pat traveled to Formula SAE Michigan and volunteered in the Design event. Pat became heavily involved with Formula Student Germany in 2006 accepting the position of Technical Advisor and Chief Design Judge. He also writes an irregular blog “Pat’s Corner” offering advice to new and experienced teams. This past season, FSG initiated a live version of “Pat’s Corner” where Pat would talk with student’s onsite over a coffee.

He is well known globally, having judged at FSAE and Electric events all over the world and providing advice whether on Pat’s Corner or You’ll find his most recent contribution to FSAE as author of the articles on Chassis Design Submissions and Design Event, in the “Learn and Compete” publication for FSAE teams.

Pat’s attendance will strengthen our Design Judging team with focus to give you the best experience onsite. If you see him around the event and want to chat over a coffee; feel free to ask him, he won’t bite.