Baja SAE Rules Questions

WARRENDALE, Pa., Dec. 3, 2012 - Baja SAE Rules Question and Answer System (RQ&A) Beta Test


The online Baja SAE Rules Question and Answer System (RQ&A) is now operational at   Effective immediately all questions concerning the Baja SAE Rules submitted by teams entered into any North American Baja competition must be submitted online through RQ&A.  Teams entered into competitions outside North America should continue to submit questions according to the procedure in effect for the competition(s) to which the question applies. 


Baja SAE RQ&A has been through small scale tests and is now ready for open beta testing.   Today until January 31, 2013 will be the RQ&A’s beta test period. During that time we want you to (1) notify us of any problems you encounter with RQ&A and (2) provide us with suggestions to improve the system. We promise to fully consider your recommendations although we may not be able to implement all of them.  


Please send your comments and feedback to


If you are notifying us of a problem be sure to attach a screenshot with the browser's address bar fully visible in addition to your description of the problem.


We need your help to make the Baja SAE RQ&A effective and easy to use.   Please send us your comments.


How to Submit Questions


Log in – Log into and go to "Ask a Rules Question", a new menu item under your Team Member menu.


Personal/Team Identification – No action required.  Your personal/team identification will be automatically inserted by the system.


Subject – Please summarize your question in a short but descriptive phrase.  For example, "“Triangulation of Front Bulkhead”", or "Driver Restraint Mounting Points"


Do not simply write “Baja SAE Rules Question”, “Question from XYZ University”.   We already know you are asking a question…you must list the rule number - tell us the question's topic. 


Rule Number – List the number of the rule, or rules, that are related to your question. Follow the format examples on the form, such as B1.3.


To reference rule from an older version of the rules, prefix it with the year; for example 2011:B2.2


Next Step – After you have written your subject and rule number hit the “Next Step” button.


Question – Write your question exactly as you would do in an email.


Attachments – Attach any files that will help us understand your question. 


Submit – After you have written your question and attached your files hit “Submit”.


FAQ Reference – After your question has been submitted the system might propose FAQs that may answer to your question. If your question is answered by an FAQ, then please click the 'Resolves my Inquiry' button to indicate that further assistance is not necessary.


Responses from Officials


Information Requests from Officials – if the officials need additional information to answer your question, then the request will be posted under your question.   Your team will receive a separate email notification of a new post.   Your team is responsible for monitoring your questions and promptly providing any requested information. 


Resolution The answer to your question will be posted and your team will receive an email notification of the posting.


FAQ Posting – If the officials believe that your question might have some interest to other teams, then an edited version will be posted as an FAQ.  Contact information and team-specific elements will be removed.  FAQ postings will not be attributed to the submitting team.