Meeting CAFE 2025 - A Three-part Series from SAE International's Automotive Engineering International Magazine

WARRENDALE, Pa., Jan. 20, 2013 - In August 2012, the U.S. government finalized the most stringent vehicle fuel efficiency regulations yet in North America. The new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards raise the average fuel efficiency required of each automaker’s car and light truck models from the current 27.3 mpg, to 54.5 mpg in 2025—a 99% increase in vehicle fuel economy from today’s level.

SAE International’s Automotive Engineering International (AEI) magazine has published a three-part series – “Meeting CAFE 2025” – that reports on how the industry will be able to achieve the new fuel efficiency standards within 12 years – a compressed time frame that is barely three product cycles from today.

The three-part series, which originally was published over a span of three months, can be accessed at

AEI’s Senior Editor Lindsay Brooke spent months interviewing top engineers, technology experts, and analysts for their take on the challenges, and product revolution, that are ahead. “The new CAFE is the toughest regulatory challenge automakers and suppliers have faced in my 30 years as an industry reporter,” Brooke observed. “Every vehicle will need to be made significantly lighter, while squeezing far more work out of a given unit of energy, whether it’s liquid fuel, compressed gases, or electricity. Many questions are yet unanswered—including the future of full-size pickup trucks. But automotive engineers always find solutions, and I’m certain they’ll meet the 2025 challenge.”

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