2013 Technical Inspection Process

WARRENDALE, Pa., Feb. 20, 2013 - Technical inspection


The goal of Baja technical inspection is to confirm that your car complies with the requirements of the Baja SAE rules.  The technical inspectors want you to pass tech and will clearly identify any areas that need to be corrected.


The inspectors’ goal is to thoroughly finish your inspection and to do it as quickly as possible.  Your team can make that happen – and make technical inspection easier on yourselves - by being prepared.


Here are some things that will help you prepare for tech:


Do it yourself Inspection – Teams should self- inspect their car and determine that it complies with the rules before bringing it to tech inspection.  Use the tech inspection form found on the website during your self-inspection.  If you have a question about how a rule will be interpreted ask yourself the following: (1) what is the purpose of the rule?  Every rule has a purpose which should be readily apparent.  And (2) is what we’ve done a “good engineering practice”?


It’s each team’s responsibility to properly prepare and self-inspect their vehicle.  If the inspectors discover a large number of rule violations, or an incomplete Tech inspection sheet, then they may suspend their work and send you back to your paddock to make corrections.


We can’t stress this enough: use the tech inspection sheet and do a point-by- point inspection of your vehicle.


Technical Inspection Schedule- We Use Take-a-Number system– (Flow chart attached) during tech inspection, Baja vehicles are scheduled for inspection using a “take-a-number” system.  You don’t have to wait in a long line with your car; all you need to do is have it at tech when your number is called.  Your team can receive the numbers in one of two ways depending on the event schedule. 1.) On the first day before tech inspection…Briggs and Stratton Governor check area will issue you a number at the completion of your governor check.  2.) When Technical Inspection starts per the event schedule, you will get your numbers from the Technical inspectors.  You will need to bring your completed Drivetrain Spec Sheet and Technical Inspection Sheets with you.  (It works like the “take a number” system at the deli counter.)   Upcoming numbers will be posted on a board near the technical inspection area.  However, it also helps to keep an eye on which numbers are being inspected.


Do not request a number until your car is ready to be checked.


If your car isn’t ready when your number is called you’ll lose your position and go to the back of the inspection line.


Tech Time – The initial inspection of your car will typically take between 45 and 60 minutes.  


Rules Question Documentation – If your team submitted a rules question and received an interpretation from the Rules Committee; then bring copies of both the question and answer with you to technical inspection.  Without your copies the inspectors won’t know the Committee’s interpretation and will make their own.  


Vehicle Documentation – All teams are required to bring to technical inspection the following documentation complete filled out and signed prior to entering the event:


1.)                          The Roll Cage Material Documentation per rule  B8.3.12 (Roll Cage Spec Sheet, Any Required Calculations, Recites of the purchase of the material)


2.)                          Weld Samples per rule B8.3.11


3.)                           Drive Train Specification Sheet per rule C2.3.2


You must bring copies of (1) your complete structural submission with all supporting documents; (2) any approvals received from the officials and (3) any correspondence concerning your documentation.  The inspectors may NOT have records of your documentation and won’t know what’s been approved. 


What to bring to Tech. - The following items must be brought to tech inspection under Rule C2.3.2 “Technical Inspection”:


·         Vehicle


·         Driver’s equipment including Helmets, Drivers Shirts, Gloves, Goggles, Wrist Restraints, and Neck Support/Collars.


·         Fire extinguishers


·         Structural document copies and supporting documentation or test pieces


·         Technical Inspection Sheet


·         All your team’s drivers


            Additionally you’ll need:


·         Tools to remove your body panels and any parts that are blocking inspection access


·         Copies of your team’s rules questions and Committee’s answers


·         Material to record the inspectors’ comments



Driver Egress-Driver Exit Time Test – The driver egress test, Rule B9.2, is part of technical inspection.  Drivers must be in full driver’s equipment and be outside of the vehicle in 5seconds.  The technical inspectors will choose the driver or drivers who will need to demonstrate this requirement.


Re-inspection – If your vehicle doesn’t pass tech the inspectors will identify the items that must be brought into compliance.  When you’ve completed the corrections the inspectors will examine the items that did not comply.  Re-inspections usually take from 2 to 20 minutes depending on the number and complexity of your changes.


There may be a separate tech line for re-inspections, if not you will need to take a new number. 


Inspection Sticker – The technical inspection sticker is issued in 3 sections as your car passes different parts of the inspection process. The first sticker is given at Briggs and Stratton governor setting.  You will be given the second part of the sticker after you pass technical inspection, and the third part will be after the vehicle passes the dynamic brake test.


Brake Test – The brake test is the final step in the inspection process and is where you will be given the third of your three part sticker.  The test consists of accelerating your car down the test course to the brake point and then putting on your brakes.  All 4 wheels must lock.  If you fail to lock all four wheels, you’ll have to try again, and possibly make adjustments, until you pass.


Notes for Rookie Teams(1) A quote from a long time team: “We passed all three parts of tech on our first attempt, because we specifically built the car so it would pass.  If you don’t pass tech - you can’t run your car.”


Their plan worked, you may want to try it.  (2) If you have questions: ask.  The officials, inspectors, judges and volunteers will be happy to answer your questions.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Use the forum website and ask questions of the technical inspectors,  http://www.bajasae.net/


(3) If you need help: ask.  You’ll find the other teams at the competition are very willing to provide advice and assistance.  (4) Although there’s no limit to the number of times you can take your car back to tech, the quicker you get through the more time you’ll have for the other parts of the competition. 


Read the rules. Understanding the rules is critical to your success.