2013 Aero Design West Welcome Letter/Technical Inspection Note

WARRENDALE, Pa., Feb. 21, 2013 - Aero Design West 2013 Participant,

On behalf of The San Fernando Valley R/C Flyers, I welcome you to our home field, the Apollo 11 Model Aircraft airport & park in beautiful Southern California.  The purpose of this material is not only to welcome you here for this year’s event, but to provide you with some information about the facilities, various protocols commonly observed when flying here, and give you some upfront knowledge of what to expect and how to have the best experience possible.

Feel free to contact myself or any of the board members listed at www.valleyflyers.com if you need more information or have questions or concerns you would like to discus with us.  The field is located at 6201 Woodley Avenue, Van Nuys, California.  Google Maps should accept the above address for displaying the location.  We are just west of Highway 405 between Victory and Burbank, and just a couple of miles south of the Airtel hotel.

Those of you wishing to test fly or sport fly before the event may certainly do so.  Please observe all “Handicap Parking” signage and avoid driving on dirt areas.  Public restrooms are located at the South end of the parking lot.  During the event, the SAE will be providing additional toilet facilities. 

The field is open to the public and does not require any membership or fees for usage.  However, it is prudent to be aware of and follow a few guidelines.  Refer to posted signs at the field describing the rules and protocol and especially take a moment to read the posted signage at the center taxiway. 

If you have any questions or need help with anything, please ask someone.  For those of you getting a pilot from one of our volunteers, you may contact us so we can put you in touch with them before the event.  You may want to meet with them at the field to test fly your model.  Or you may wait until the even begins.  Your choice; we are just informing you that the field is always open during the day to anyone who wants to use it.

We’ve been informing the public the best we can of your arrival during the competition week, but please keep in mind, it is a public park, and we do not have control all the time of usage or people.  We do not anticipate any problems and many people are looking forward to watching the flying portion of this challenging project.  Congratulations to you for being part of it and may your design soar!

Best regards, learn abundantly, and have abundant amounts of fun!

– Sam Gengo


Contest Director

San Fernando Valley Radio Control Flyers

Academy of Model Aeronautics – Charter Club #152