Pilots for Aero Design West 2013

WARRENDALE, Pa., Feb. 21, 2013 - For teams needing a Valley Flyer’s Club pilot for the flying portion of the competition, please email Sam Gengo with the following:



1.)  School Name, Team Name & Number and Class (Regular, Micro, or Advanced)


2.)  Type of power plant to be used and approximate aircraft dimensions


3.)  Will your team want a 'test flight' prior to the weekend of competition?  If so when will you be ready to meet?



Note: If any teams have pilots from previous years that they want to contact directly, they may do so.  If you need pilot contact information or have questions about the field, let Sam know.



Best Regards,



-- Sam Gengo





AMA Contest Director
San Fernando Valley Radio Control Flyers
Academy of Model Aeronautics - Charter Club #152