Pennsylvania State University - Behrend Defends Supermileage Title

WARRENDALE, Pa., July 1, 2013 - For the second year in a row, the PSU-B Supermileage Team takes home the 1st Place Champion title with a close 64 point lead over second-time runner up, Brigham Young University.

This was the 34th year of the competition which challenges university teams to build a one-person, fuel efficient vehicle based around a four-cycle engine (donated by Briggs & Stratton). Hosting the competition since its inception, Eaton Proving Ground in Marshall, Michigan opened its facility to competing teams June 6 – 7, 2013.

Ready for a new year and a new goal, the PSU-B team set out to redesign their vehicle producing a leaner model. The team built a carbon fiber car with a leaf-spring suspension and rotary-valve engine, successfully shaving 20 pounds off the 2012 model. With the new design, the team’s goal was to reach 3,000 miles per gallon. Unfortunately that was not achieved onsite. They were able to travel 1,290 miles on a single gallon of gasoline. That’s roughly the distance from Eaton, Michigan to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. 

PSU-B Supermileage reached the second highest distance next to Brigham Young University who achieved 1,331 miles per gallon, just 41 miles more set by PSU-B. To maximize their fuel efficiency, the BYU team added ceramic insulation to the lawn-mower engine they were required to start with, and then increased the 8-to-1 engine compression ratio to 14-to-1.They also made the engine fuel injected and modified it to be electronically controlled.

Rounding off the top three finishers by earning 1,173 miles per gallon was Northern Illinois University.

The Supermileage® competition provides engineering and technology students with a challenging design project that involves the development and construction of a single-person, fuel-efficient vehicle. The teams are evaluated on their vehicles ability to obtain the highest combined kilometers per liter (miles per gallon) rating running a specified course plus a design segment, overall combined points win the competition. Students have the opportunity to set a world fuel economy record and increase public awareness of fuel economy. 

Final results for all teams are now posted online at 

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