Addendum to 2014 Rules

WARRENDALE, Pa., Oct. 7, 2013 - A one page addendum with two rule additions will be added to the Rules and Important Documents link. The rules additions are minor however could affect your team if not prepared. Below are the additions:

B1.1.1       Relative to the driver position, the right side of the vehicle will have a space on a substantially vertical surface for placement of the 23 cm high by 31 cm long (9 inch high by 12 inch long) vehicle identification number (VIN) label that is assigned and provided by the Chief Technical Inspector after successful conclusion of the Technical Inspection Process. Once placed, the VIN label must be easily seen by Event Timing Table Staff persons in both the seated and standing positions as the vehicle moves counter-clockwise around the competition track. 

B1.1.2       All competition vehicles are required to reserve a minimum of three spaces on each side of the vehicle for placement of event principal sponsor decals. Reserved spaces much enable the placement of decals in the following approximate three sizes: 10 cm high by 41 cm long (4 inch high by 16 inches long), 8 cm high by 23 cm long (3 inch high by 9 inches long), and 8 cm high by 23 cm long (3 inch high by 9 inches long).  Decals will be placed on a substantially vertical surface and will be easily seen by a person in the seated or standing position. The Event Organizer will provide the required decals during the registration process, and Technical Inspection will confirm proper placement of these required decals. Other event sponsor decals may also be provided, and the placement location on the vehicle will not be evaluated by Technical Inspection.




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