2014 FSAE Real Case Scenario

WARRENDALE, Pa., April 24, 2014 - 2014 FORMULA SAE – Michigan / Lincoln / Electric

Real Case Scenario

Rule C.3.3.3  states that the third part of the Cost Event will be a “real case” scenario where students will have to respond to a challenge related to cost or manufacturing of the student vehicle.”  

The real case scenario for this event will be one of the following:

The Cost Judges have reviewed the Cost Report that you have submitted and they have determined that the cost of the _________ on your car is substantially higher than expected.

Your task at the event is to present the Cost Judges with your proposals to reduce the cost of the ________ on your car by 15%.

The presentation must fulfill the following requirements:
- No longer than 5 minutes                    
- Flip chart pages (optional) 
- No handouts or use of electronic devices. 
- Must be based on the system on your car.

Your presentation will be evaluated on:

- The process or methodology(ies) used to develop the proposal(s) 
The alternatives presented
- The credibility of the proposals

The team’s presentation skills will NOT be scored. 

The blanks above will be randomly drawn choices of the following:
Fuel System
Pedal Assemblies 
Steering Wheel

Rules Committee,