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Carolina Newsletter

A World In Motion AWIM

A World In Motion brings math and science principles to life. Our programs are exciting and interface and make learning fun. Laws of physics, motion, flight and electronics are learned and then demonstrated as students build cars, skimmers, and gliders and conduct experiments with electricity and electronics. Students, teachers and volunteer engineers and scientists work together to make math and science an interactive adventure and to bring real-world experiences into the classroom.

Learning goes beyond traditional textbook teaching through A World In Motion's New K-3 Literacy-Based Program!

To learn more about the A World In Motion program, visit or contact SAE International at 1-800-457-2946 or

Summer 2014 ME PE Exam Review Course Announcement
For SAE members considering the ME PE Exam on October 24, 2014, I am offering two online PE Exam Review courses. My LIVE & ONLINE 20-Week course has its first live online class on Wednesday, May 7th, and is limited to 40 participants. My ONLINE ONLY 20-Week course is self-guided and can be started right away. The details, pricing, and sign up for either course are available on my website (, along with other important information for anyone considering preparing for the ME PE Exam, including a free Exam Strategy Course and over 30 free videos. I have an article that your members may also find helpful posted on Ezine articles titled: An Argument for ME's to Become PE's. at: I am excited about starting my 6th year offering ME PE Exam Review courses and helping ME's to become PE's. Thank you so much for getting this information to your members, Tom Brown, PE 855-874-9323