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Metropolitan Newsletter

About Metropolitan Section

Perhaps you are wondering about the size and scope of the Metropolitan Section of SAE. Here are a few particulars: The Metropolitan (Met) Section serves members located in NJ (northern and central), in NY (Rockland, Westchester, NYC, and Long Island), and in Connecticut (Fairfield). With more than 1,700 members, it is one of SAE's largest Sections (Detroit, of course, wins the prize for the largest Section). It is also one the most diverse Sections, with members working in virtually every area of mobility engineering. Most activities are held within a 50-mile radius of the Statue of Liberty, which the Section has adopted as part of its official logo.

Like all Sections, the Met Section is operated through an elected Governing Board, consisting of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. Numerous appointed officers assist in setting meetings, coordinating with students, and doing the work necessary to run a Section. The governing board usually meets for about two hours on the first Monday of each month at a restaurant in northern New Jersey to discuss Section strategy, set objectives, and provide progress reports. If you are interested in serving on the governing board, please let us know.

SAE and its Sections are tax-exempt, not-for-profit organizations. All Section officers are volunteers and receive no payment for work on behalf of either the SAE or the Section.

Please feel free to contact us at with your questions and suggestions. THANK YOU.

Infineum Trends 2014 Meeting

On September 18th, SAE Metropolitan Section and NAFA New York-Intercounty Chapter hosted the annual Infineum Trends Meeting at the Carteret Holiday Inn. Infineum USA L.P., presented Infineum's annual look at trends in the automotive industry. Infineum Trends 2014, Driving to a Sustainable Future, marks the 51th Anniversary of this program which looks at the “Trends” in the broad automotive industry and their potential impact on the Global Fuels and Lubricants Industries. Sections will cover “Industry Drivers” for changes in the automotive, fuels and lubricants industries, Diesel Fuels, Automatic Transmissions and their fluids, Small Engines, Passenger Car and Heavy Duty Engine Oils, and Growth Economies.