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Welcome to the SAE Metropolitan Section

The SAE Metropolitan Section is an outstanding resource for people involved in all aspects of the vehicle mobility industry in and around the New York City Metropolitan Area.

Some ways you can get involved:

  • Develop valuable career skills that will benefit you on the job through a leadership role
  • Offer a tour or event at your facility
  • Suggest ideas for future events or meeting topics
  • Connect with engineering students and young professionals in your region

Email us at

Transcontinental Railroad -- American Diesel truck

Metropolitan Section is pleased to invite you to join us in another journey into history. Complementing previous meetings on the first transatlantic steam boat, the Wright Brothers contributions to flight, and the automobiles changes to NYC 100 years ago, we are pleased to announce the next in our historical meetings, a look back into two of the great transportation innovations that changed our world – the Transcontinental Railroad and the Automotive Diesel Engine.

Transcontinental Railroad: It is said there are three things that made modern America: Winning the Civil War, abolishing slavery and the Transcontinental Railroad. This mostly forgotten project tied the West Coast to the East Coast as no other activity did. It traded a 20,000 mile voyage of 6 - 8 months for a 3,000 mile rail journey of about a week. It truly was the Apollo Project of the 19th century. SAE Governing Board Member and Prof. Art Vatsky, P.E. will discuss the Transcontinental Railroad from an engineer's point of view: why it was done and how it was done and the role of technology in getting it done.

History of the American Diesel Truck: A second presentation by Truck Historian Dave Read will discuss the engineering aspects of the early diesel engine and how the diesel engine changed the American trucking industry.