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Welcome to the SAE Mid-California Section

The SAE Mid-California Section is an outstanding resource for people involved in all aspects of the vehicle mobility industry in and around the San Francisco Bay Area and all of central and northern California north of Fresno.

Some ways you can get involved:

  • Develop valuable career skills that will benefit you on the job through a leadership role
  • Offer a tour or event at your facility
  • Suggest ideas for future events or meeting topics
  • Connect with engineering students and young professionals in your region

Email us at

Looking for a Few Good Leaders!

Every summer, the SAE Mid-Cal Section accepts nominations for volunteers who want to serve in a leadership role.

Elected leadership opportunities available

  • Chair : Provides overall Section Leadership
  • Vice Chair : Assists the Chair, recruits future leaders, speakers, topics, etc.
  • Secretary : Manages Section communications, including event announcements, website, meeting minutes
  • Treasurer : Manages Section finances, including budgeting and forecasting
  • Vice-Chair, Activities : Organizes and manages a team to plan, organize and deliver Section activities, events, tours, etc.
  • Vice Chair, Student Activities : Organizes and manages a team to engage students and SAE Collegiate Chapters within the Section.
  • Vice-Chair, Membership : Helps members maximize their membership, welcomes new members, encourage continuing members to be involved
  • Vice-Chair, Special Projects : Assists Mid-Cal Leadership Board in the formulation and realization of major initiatives.

Other leadership opportunities available

  • Geo area Reps (North-Coast, North-Inland, Mid-Inland, South-Coast, South-Inland, Inland)
  • Tech Meeting Reps
  • Activity Reps
  • Publicity Chairs
  • Special Interest Reps

Process for Nominating New Section Leaders

1. Submit nominations before close-of-business on August 5th each year.
- Members may nominate other members or themselves.
- Nominations may be for as many of the positions as the nominated member will affirm a willingness to serve in those positions.
- For each position, submit the name, membership number. Each nominee should Include a statement expressing his/her willingness to serve.
- Email nominations to or

2. The current Leadership Board will review nominations

3. Any contested positions will be voted on by the membership

4. New leadership team will be announced

The new Section Leadership Board will then get s together to plan activities and events for the coming year.

Want to advance your career?

By getting involved with the Mid-California SAE Section, you can develop important skills necessary to advance your career, including:

  • Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Teaming
  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Conflict Resolution

Some ways you can get involved include:

  • Brainstorming and planning meeting content.
  • Contacting possible speakers for meetings and tours.
  • Planning meeting logistics.
  • Greeting members at events and making introductions.
  • Managing the Section's finances and reporting.
  • Communicating with members and guests through the website, emails, newsletter, etc.
  • Acting as an SAE Company Rep where you work.
  • Serving on the Section Governing Board.

If you'd like to learn more, please Diane McGuire or call 724-772-7141.

The following albums are availabe now:




Enjoy and Share!

Please direct any and all comments and concerns to Neil
Rodrigues, SAE Motorfest Photographer. Thank you.

Neil A. Rodrigues, SAE MID-CALIFORNIA Section, Treasurer