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Thursday, October 20

Safety - Safety Education
(Session Code: ATC1002)

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Room Diamant  15:30

This session will include presentation(s) on current industry practices/techniques in supporting safety analyses. Old and new tools and technology will be discussed in easy to understand terminology. Establishing confidence in safety assessments using a goal based approach, safety modeling of three phases of ARP4754, an example application of ARP4754A Aircraft System Development and using linked data to make sense of un-integrated data sets will be highlighted.

Organizers - John C. Dalton, Boeing Co.; Daniel J. Fogarty, Boeing Commercial Airplanes; Eric M. Peterson, Electron International II Inc.
Chairpersons - John C. Dalton, Boeing Co.

Time Paper No. Title
15:30 2011-01-2548
Model-Based Safety Assessment for the Three Stages of Refinement of the System Development Process in ARP4754A
Christel Seguin, Pierre Bieber, ONERA; Eckard Boede, OFFIS; Marco Bozzano, Foundation Bruno Kessler; Matthias Bretschneider, Airbus; Antonella Cavallo, Alenia Aeronautica SpA; Johann Deneux, Prover Technology AB; Jean-Pierre Heckmann, EADS Apsys Defence & Security; Oleg Lisagor, University of York; Marion Morel, Thales; Chris Papadopoulos, Airbus; Laurent Sagaspe, APSYS; Valerie Sartor, Dassault Aviation; RĂ©mi Delmas, ONERA
Application of ARP 4754a "Aircraft System Development" and Interrelationships with ARP 4761 (Aerospace Information Report 6110)
Daniel J. Fogarty, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
16:30 2011-01-2549
On the Synthesis and Validation of Safety Assessment Models
Linling Sun, University of York; Chris Papadopoulos, Keval Mehta, Airbus; Tim Kelly, University of York; Jean-Pierre Heckmann, EADS Apsys Defence & Security; Diana Mulloy, Adrian Larkham, Atego

Planned by Safety Committee / EMB Air and Space Group