SAE 2014 World Congress & Exhibition

Technical Session Schedule

Wednesday, April 9

Fire Safety
(Session Code: B200)

Room 111 B  8:00 a.m.

The fire safety session will focus on current developments in the fields of vehicle fire science, statistics, risks, assessment and mitigation. Papers addressing vehicle design, live-fire tests and fire investigation issues applicable to traditional, electric and alternatively fueled vehicles will be presented.

Organizers - Steven Hodges, Alion Science & Technology; Jeffrey Santrock, General Motors Co.

Time Paper No. Title
8:00 a.m. ORAL ONLY
Technical Keynote: Fire Suppression 101 for Hybrid and Ev's; A Responders Perspective
Jason Emery, NFPA
8:20 a.m. 2014-01-0428
Comparison of Fires in Lithium-Ion Battery Vehicles and Gasoline Vehicles
Masashi Takahashi, Masayuki Takeuchi, Kiyotaka Maeda, Shouma Nakagawa, Japan Automobile Research Institute
8:40 a.m. 2014-01-0426
Full-Scale Burn Test of a 1998 Compact Passenger Car
Jeff D. Colwell, Exponent
9:00 a.m. 2014-01-0423
Detection of Fires in the Engine Compartment of Heavy Duty Vehicles, A Theoretical Study
Raúl Ochoterena, Maria Hjohlman, Michael Försth, SP Technical Research Inst of Sweden
9:20 a.m. 2014-01-0421
Validation of the Localized Fire Test Method for On-Board Hydrogen Storage Systems
Yohsuke Tamura, Masayuki Takeuchi, Kiyotaka Maeda, Noriaki Ohtsuka, Japan Automobile Research Institute; Kenji Sato, Toho Univ.
9:40 a.m. 2014-01-0418
A Detailed Analysis of Proper Safety Features Implementation in the Design and Construction of Modern Automotive LPG and CNG Containers
Bartosz Flekiewicz, Auto Gaz Slask; Marek Flekiewicz, Silesian University of Technology
10:00 a.m. 2014-01-0422
Vehicle Hot Surface Ignition and Mitigation Measures of R-1234yf Refrigerant for MAC Systems
Lothar Seybold, Adam Opel AG; Bryan Styles, General Motors Co.; Ioannis Lazaridis, Hans-Joerg Kneusels, Adam Opel AG
10:20 a.m. 2014-01-0419
A Critical Assessment of Factors Affecting the Flammability of R-1234yf in a Frontal Collision
Bryan Styles, Jeffrey Santrock, Curtis Vincent, Michael Leffert, Narasimha Putcha, General Motors Co.
10:40 a.m. 2014-01-0420
Crash Test with a Hot Operating Engine and R-1234yf MAC System
Mathias Poklitar, Lothar Seybold, Adam Opel AG
The Influence of Solid Anisotropy on Flame Spread over Melting Polymers (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)
Guanyu Zheng, Weichai Power Emission Solution Technology Inc.; Indrek Wichman, Andre Benard, Michigan State Univ.; Hongyu Wang, Weichai Power New Energy Inc.; Xiaohui Li, Huazhong University of Science and Tech.; Jie Gao, Shanghai Univ.

The papers in this session are available in SAE Technical Paper Collection, COLL-TP-00436, and also individually. To purchase visit

Planned by Fire Safety Committee / Automobile Body Activity