SAE Brake Colloquium & Exhibition - 32nd Annual

Technical Session Schedule

Tuesday, October 7

Foundation Brake and Apply Systems Innovations (Part 1 of 2)
(Session Code: BC105)

Room Regency C  9:25 a.m.

The session focuses on innovations with foundation brake and apply system components (calipers, rotors, drums, bearings, parking, and actuation). It also addresses integration at all levels (pad to caliper, caliper to corner, corner and actuation to vehicle). Examples of coverage include but are not limited to: component design, performance enhancements, system sizing/configuration, drag reduction, pedal feel, mass reduction, and thermal management by new designs/innovative materials.

Organizers - David B. Antanaitis, General Motors Co.; Chris McCormick, TRW Automotive; Mark Riefe, General Motors Co.

Time Paper No. Title
Concepts of Light Weight Brake Discs Particularly with Regard to Costs and Reduction of CO2
Reiner Becker, Fritz Winter Eisengiessere GmbH & Co. KG; Marc Walz, Fritz Winter Eisengiessere GmbH & Co KG
Keynote: Brake Technology: View from a Developing Country
Badri Vijayaraghavan, Brakes India, Ltd.
Comparison of Various Concepts of Twin Leading Brake Performance by Method of Virtual Simulation
Shiwalik Ghosh, Baskar Anthonysamy, Ravi kaushik, Hero MotoCorp Limited
Optimisation of Alumina Coated Lightweight Brake Rotor
Abdulwahab A. Alnaqi, University of Leeds; Suman Shrestha, Keronite International Ltd; David C. Barton, Peter C. Brooks, University of Leeds
Experimental Study of Interaction Between Brake-Disc Surface Texture and Friction Material on Friction and Wear Through Small-Scale Tests on Tribotester
Toshikazu Okamura, KIRIU Corp.
Latest Developments in the High Performance Machining of Cast Iron Brake Discs with PCBN and Ceramic Cutting Materials and Tailored Tooling
Johannes Schneider, CeramTec GmbH SPK Cutting Tool Division
Analysis of Hydraulic Retarder Air-friction Characteristics
Can Wang, Gangfeng Tan, Automobile
Innovative Concept Of Front Disc Brake Module with Huge Weight and Cost Optimisation
Ashesh Anil Shah, Umesh Abhyankar, Sanjay Patil, Tata Motors, Ltd.
A Study of Mass Drivers in the Brake System
David B. Antanaitis, General Motors Co.
Strength Analysis and Structural Optimization of Lever of Air Disc Brake (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)
Guoling Wang; Xuexun Guo, Wuhan Univ of Technology; Quan Zhou, Wuhan University of Technology
Perfection Targets and the Pathway to Seal Robustness Excellence for Automotive Brake Tube Joints (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)
Stanislav I. Pliassounov
Failure Load Prediction of the Hand Brake Valve Top Cover During Abuse Condition
Prabhakar Nagalingam, Brake Development Company Inc.; J Suresh Gayakwad, N. Prabhakar, K. Muthumanickam, E. Nagaraj, Wabco India, Ltd.