SAE Brake Colloquium & Exhibition - 32nd Annual

Technical Session Schedule

Monday, October 6

Electronic Braking/Actuation and Control Technologies (Part 1 of 2)
(Session Code: BC108)

Room Regency C  1:00 p.m.

Evolving demands on brake systems driven by hybrid and electric vehicle architectures are providing opportunity for new component and brake system configurations and a demand for greater integration of the brake control system with overall vehicle controls. This session offers new concepts and ideas for electrically powered and controlled brake calipers, improvements in control strategies and system safety considerations.

Organizers - Jae Seung Cheon, MOBIS; James Fash, TRW Automotive

Time Paper No. Title
Study of the mutual relationship between ABS software and tire characteristics to improve braking performance
Euichan Hwang, MOBIS; SangDuck Youk; Jae Seung Cheon, MOBIS; Yumrak Oh; Seungkuk Nam, Hankook Tire Co Ltd; Hoguen Lee, Vehicle Dynamics
Microcontroller approach to Functional Safety Critical Factors in Electro-Mechanical Brake (EMB) system
Gunn Hwang, Axel Freiwald, Infineon Technologies; Hyun-Sik Ahn, Kookmin University
Effects of Supplemental Vacuum Production in Braking Support
Dominic D. Scopacasa, Hella Electronics Corp.
Brake System Development for Electric Vehicles Using Combined Experimental Technique
Klaus Augsburg, Dzmitry Savitski, Lukas Heidrich, Valentin Ivanov, Ilmenau University of Technology
Hardware-In-the-Loop Simulation of Brake-by-wire Systems with FlexRay Communication
Kyung-Jung Lee, Jae-Min Kwon, Kookmin University; Jae Seung Cheon, MOBIS; Hyun-Sik Ahn, Kookmin University
Analysis Method to Study the Potentials in Recovering the Brake Energy in Articulated Haulers
Mandeep Singh Walia, Blekinge Institute of Technology; Magnus Karlsson, Volvo Construction Equipment AB; Lars Hakansson, Gaurav Chopra, Blekinge Institute of Technology
Analysis and Design of Dual-motor Electro-hydraulic Brake System (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)
Lu Xiong, Bing Yuan, Songyun Xu, Xueling Guang, Tongji Univ
Experimental Research and Optimal Design of an Automotive Magneto-Rheological Brake System
Liangxu Ma, Liangyao Yu, Xuhui Liu, Zhizhong Wang, Ning Pan, Tsinghua Univ
Design, Modeling and Simulation of a New Compact Electro-hydraulic Brake System
Ning Pan, Liangyao Yu, Zhizhong Wang, Liangxu Ma, Jian Song, Tsinghua University; Yongsheng Zhang, Wenruo Wei, R&D Center, China FAW Group Corporation
hydro-pneumatic driveline for passenger car applications (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)
Alberto Boretti
Design Concepts of the Distributed Electro-hydraulic Braking System
Zhizhong Wang, Liangyao Yu, Yufeng Wang, Kaihui Wu, Jian Song, Ning Pan, Liangxu Ma, Tsinghua University
Electro-Mechanical Brake for Front Wheel with Back-up Braking
Jongsung Kim, Chjhoon Jo, Yongsik kwon, Jae Seung Cheon, Soung Jun Park, MOBIS; Gab Bae Jeon, Jaehun Shim, Hyundai Motor Company
Stability Control of Four-wheel-drive Electric Vehicle with Electro-Hydraulic Braking System (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)
Dongmei Wu, Jilin Univ.
Test Results of a Sensor-less, Highly Nonlinear Electro-mechanical Brake
Michael Herbert Putz, VE Vienna Engineering GmbH; Christian Wunsch, Vienna Engineering; Markus Schiffer, CT Engineering; Jure Peternel, Egasi mehatronske reŇ°itve d.o.o.
A Strategy to Recycle the Braking Energy of HEV with EMB (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)
Liang Zhou, Chuqi Su, Wuhan University of Technology