SAE Brake Colloquium & Exhibition - 32nd Annual

Technical Session Schedule

Sunday, October 5

SAE Global Brake Standards Update – New and In-Process
(Session Code: BC109)

Room Regency Ballroom  4:15 p.m.

The SAE Chassis Brake Standards Committee plays a central role in the establishment of essential consensus-based industry standards. Each committee develops a full suite of standards that are related to quality, durability, environmental effects, and safety. The development or revision of SAE Standards need to incorporate the global perspective as a key success factor. This panel presentation and discussion will provide a direct insight into recent developments and activities from the SAE Chassis Brake Standards Committees. Additionally, the panel will include different regions and Standard Development Organizations including Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Latin America. The panel will provide an excellent platform to detect opportunities for integration and harmonization among SDOs from around the world.

Organizers - Timothy Duncan, Link Engineering Company; Richard A. Kaatz, General Motors Co.
Panelists -
Timothy Duncan, Link Engineering Company (SAE)
Richard A. Kaatz, General Motors Co. (SAE)
Carlos Agudelo, Link Engineering Company (SAE)
Harald Abendroth, Consultant (Europe ISO)
Torsten Treyde, TRW Automotive Lucas Varity GmbH (Europe EKB)
Paulo E. Varante, Fras-Le SA (Europe EKB)