SAE Convergence 2010

Technical Session Schedule

Tuesday, October 19

Smart Mobility is Connected
(Session Code: CNVG100)

Room O3-46  2:00 p.m.

Smart Mobility is connected. The vehicle and occupants connected in the literal sense to outside world via the internet, the phone or satellite. It is also connected through innovative partnerships to bring these smart new services to customers. This session strives to stretch the boundaries of connectedness to give a sense of where the connected vehicle is headed with particular emphasis on how the connected experience enables safety and driving green and how unique partnerships can deliver.

Organizers - Mukund Ghangurde, Microsoft Corporation; Don Finney, Wipro Technologies; David Acton, The-Transformation-Network LLC; Steven Bridgeland, Microsoft Corporation; Bruce Emaus, retired, formerly Vector CANtech Inc.; Norimasa Kishi, Toshiro Muramatsu, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.; Michael Noblett, IBM; Alan Rooke, Freescale Semiconductor
Chairpersons - Mukund Ghangurde, Microsoft Corporation

Time Paper No. Title
2:00 p.m. 2010-01-2313
Commercial Business Viability of IntelliDriveSM Safety Applications
Robert White, Tao Zhang, Paul Tukey, Kevin Lu, Telcordia Technologies; David McNamara, MTS LLC
2:25 p.m. 2010-01-2314
Realizing Customization and Personalization through Vehicle Connectivity
Niall T. Berkery, ATX Group
2:50 p.m. 2010-01-2315
Connected Vehicle Accelerates Green Driving
Tsuguo Nobe, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
3:15 p.m. 2010-01-2316
Digital Maps, Connectivity and Electric Vehicles - Enhancing the EV/PHEV Ownership Experience
Kevin Moran, Brendan Foley, Ulrich Fastenrath, Jeff Raimo, NAVTEQ
3:40 p.m. 2010-01-2317
Using IntelliDriveSM Connectivity to Improve Mobility and Environmental Preservation at Signalized Intersections
Roger Berg, Denso International America Inc.
4:05 p.m. 2010-01-2318
Enabling Safety and Mobility through Connectivity
Chris Domin, Ricardo Inc.
4:30 p.m. 2010-01-2319
Ford SYNC and Microsoft Windows Embedded Automotive Make Digital Lifestyle a Reality on the Road
Mukund Ghangurde, Microsoft Corp.
An Efficient Implementation of the SM Agreement Protocol for a Time Triggered Communication System (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)
Markus Jochim, Thomas M. Forest, General Motors

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