SAE 2014 Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress

Technical Session Schedule

Wednesday, October 8

Commercial Vehicle Dynamics Modeling, Simulation and Validation Studies - Part 2 of 2
(Session Code: CV202)

Room 49  4:00 p.m.

This session is intended to include papers that will discuss and promote the recent advances in the modeling, analysis, and validation of commercial vehicle chassis, suspension, and tire modeling and simulation. Topics include, but are not limited to: commercial vehicle dynamics; chassis control devices such as ABS, traction control, yaw/roll stability control, and potentially the interplay with suspension control; chassis modeling and simulation to study and resolve issues pertaining to ride comfort, crash/deformation, and safety structure; suspension modeling and simulation studies covering passive and active control methodologies; and tires which would cover new and/or improved modeling techniques. Authors are also encouraged to submit papers that specifically discuss new and recent advances in the validation of their modeling and simulation activities.

Organizers - Tye Davis, Link Manufacturing, Ltd.; Benjamin Duprey, Mechanical Simulation Corp.; Anvit Garg, Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems; Corina Sandu, Virginia Tech.; Seyed Hossein Tamaddoni, General Motors; Xiaobo Yang, Oshkosh Corporation
Chairpersons - Benjamin Duprey, Mechanical Simulation Corp.

Time Paper No. Title
A New Liquid Sloshing Model for Vehicle Dynamics
Liang Wang, Ahmed Shabana, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago
A Multibody System Approach for Modeling Rigid- and Flexible-Link Chain and Belt Drives
Michael S. Wallin, University of Illinois at Chicago; Paramsothy Jayakumar, U.S. Army TARDEC; Ahmed Shabana, Ashraf Hamed, University of Illinois at Chicago
Lateral Flexibility of a Long Haul Class 8 Tractor Frame
Craig Birkett, Navistar International Corp.; Somnath Ghorad, Navistar International Corp
Comprehensive Durability Assessment of Leaf Springs with CAE Methods
Mehmet Bakir, Murat Siktas, Serter Atamer, Mercedes-Benz Turk AS - Daimler AG
Vehicle Interconnected Suspension System based on Hydraulic Electromagnetic Energy Harvest: Design, Modeling and Simulation Tests (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)
Sijing Guo, Hubei Key Lab of Adv Tech for Auto, Wuhan Univ of Technology; Zhenfu Chen, Xuexun Guo, Quan Zhou, Wuhan Univ of Technology; Jie Zhang, Wanxiang Group Corporation
Effect of Road Irregularities in the Dynamic Behavior of a Heavy Vehicle
Oscar Flores-Centeno, Manuel Fabela-Gallegos, David Vazquez-Vega, Carlos Blake-Cervantes, Ricardo Hernandez-Jimenez, Instituto Mexicano Del Transporte
Pneumatically Balanced Heavy Truck Air Suspensions for Improved Stability, Handling, and Ride Comfort
Mehdi Ahmadian, Virginia Tech.; Yang chen, Virginia Tech; Andrew Peterson, Virgina Tech, Center for Vehicle Systems

Planned by Chassis and Suspension Group / Commercial Vehicle Activity