SAE 2014 Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress

Technical Session Schedule

Tuesday, October 7

Powertrain Performance, Emissions, and Controls - Part 1 of 3
(Session Code: CV305)

Room TBD  

This session covers advanced technologies and analysis/design/testing techniques related to powertrain performance, emissions, and electronic controls. It includes both system-level and component-level contents such as engine system design and integration optimization. Typical topics include emissions, fuel economy, combustion, air charging, EGR systems, fuel systems, valvetrains, engine brakes, waste heat recovery, calibration, steady-state and transient performance, engine/powertrain/drivetrain controls, model-based controls, sensors, OBD, and HIL. The topics of engine applications cover on-road, off-road, heavy-duty, and light-duty.

Organizers - William De Ojeda, Navistar; Budhadeb Mahakul; Christian Pinzon, Navistar; Timothy Prochnau, John Deere Power Systems; Qianfan (Harry) Xin, Jincai Zheng, Navistar Inc.

Planned by Powertrain Committee / Commercial Vehicle Activity