SAE 2014 Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress

Technical Session Schedule

Thursday, October 9

Expert Panel Discussion: CyberSecurity and the CV Ecosystem
(Session Code: CVCS)

Room 54/56/58  9:00 a.m.

While secure theft and asset protection, secure fleet management and protection of business models are today’s main scope, the interconnection of cyber-security and safety will become increasingly important in the future. This panel addresses the critical issues around cyber-security of commercial vehicles, manned and unmanned that are moving on land as well as connected and unconnected commercial vehicles. Other topics include recent advances, standards, best practices and potential solutions.

Organizers - Gloria D. D'Anna, Tri-Kar Advanced Technology Group, Inc.; Andre Weimerskirch, University of Michigan
Moderators - Gloria D. D'Anna, Tri-Kar Advanced Technology Group, Inc.
Panelists -
Brian Anderson, Southwest Research Institute
Jay C. Grant, APEX Expert Solutions LLC
Kevin Harnett, DOT/Volpe Center
Timothy J. Kilworth, John Deere & Co.
Eileen Parise, Rapiscan Systems Inc.
Paul Bierdeman, Caterpillar Inc