SAE 2014 Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress

Technical Session Schedule

Thursday, October 9

Lightweighting Commercial Vehicles for Improved Efficiency
(Session Code: CVLW)

Room TBD  9:00 a.m.

The focus of this session is on the latest advances in manufacturing strategies, design and materials selection strategies to promote lighter weight, higher performing, fuel efficient vehicles without sacrificing safety or performance. Presentations will address the latest breakthroughs in materials and cutting-edge technology applications. Special emphasis will be on tangible, cost-effective strategies in lightweighting.

Organizers - Claus Daniels, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Marc LeDuc, SAE International

Time Paper No. Title
Heavy truck cab design using forged composite technology
Paolo Feraboli, Automobili Lamborghini Spa; Keith Friedman, Friedman Research Corporation
Rational Strategies for Light-Weighting
When considering substituting a lighter material for a heavier material, complex technical issues interact with cost and cultural considerations to make it difficult to make rational light-weighting decisions. This presentation discusses some of the technical issues of light-weighting and attempts to develop a semi-quantitative model that considers cost and other concerns. Case studies are used to demonstrate both successful and unsuccessful light-weighting activities.
David Weiss, ECK Industries Inc.
Potential weight saving in buses trough multi material approach
Anil Kumar Cherukuri, Ashok Leyland, Ltd.