SAE 2013 Energy Savings and Emission Reduction Forum

Technical Session Schedule

Thursday, November 7

Technical Session: Intelligent Combustion
(Session Code: ESER1)

Room Site N5 Room M47  11:30

This session will focus on flexible fuel vehicles able to operate with mixtures of alcohol fuels and gasoline. It will also address intelligent solutions for Diesel engine emission reduction. Lowest engine out emissions are necessary to reduce the requirements of exhaust aftertreatment systems. Alternative Diesel combustion processes offer the potential of significant NOx reduction while keeping particulates low.

Time Paper No. Title
MDCC Engine Emision Control Solution
Bingshan Liu, Dongfeng Motor Corp.
Passenger Car Fuel Consumption Reduction Strategies for the Chinese Market
New Chinese government regulations as well as consumer requirements require more fuel efficient vehicles. Apart from the certification topic, in-use emissions under the typical Chinese conditions have to be considered. Diesel passenger cars – whilst slowly growing - still have a very small market share in China. The achieve fuel consumption reduction, measures have to be taken in several areas, including modern engine architecture, improvement of combustion efficiency, friction reduction of the whole powertrain, engine / transmission fit, overall calibration optimization. Since some Chinese driving styles and duty cycles are very specific the fuel consumption reduction measures have to be optimized accordingly. China-specific cost restrictions apply for all car categories except the luxury segment and have to be considered. This paper outlines the most effective ways to achieve optimized fuel consumption in Chinese gasoline passenger cars.
Klaus Denkmayr, AVL LIST GmbH