SAE 2013 Energy Savings and Emission Reduction Forum

Technical Session Schedule

Wednesday, November 6

Technical Session: On-Board Diagnostics
(Session Code: ESER6)

Room Site N5 Room M47  11:00

This session will focus on on-board diagnostics technologies, regulations and standards. Industry experts from around the world will share their knowledge concerning the latest scientific discoveries and technological innovation.

Time Paper No. Title
Catalyst Application
TWC System Development for Local Car in China 4 and China 5 Application
Recently, Chinese automobile market and local carmakers are growing rapidly, however, increased use of cars has resulted in serious air pollution, with the introduction of more stringent emission standard, local carmakers are facing more challenge. In this study, a Chinese local PFI car was investigated in terms of TWC proposals for China 4 and China 5 application, firstly, engine ageing time was calculated for modeling durable mileage based on BAT, furthermore, PGM loading, PGM ratio, and catalyst volume were evaluated, we found PGM loading and catalyst volume could be reduced significantly, in addition, Rh could enhance cold start performance
Yinglei Sun, Johnson Matthey Chemical, Ltd.
Comparing Between Euro 5 and Euro 6 from an OBD Perspective
The presentation focuses on Worldwide HDOBD Development and specifically on the differences between US EPA/ARB, Euro 5, and Euro 6 OBD. Differences between monitor requirements will be discussed in detail as well as differences in scan tool requirements, demonstration testing, Certification, and post production reporting. Development costs and effort to support different standards will also be reviewed. Developing a product for Worldwide OBD is also discussed and the groups within an organization to support the OBD Product Development.
Jeffrey Potts, Cummins Inc.