SAE 2014 International Powertrain, Fuels & Lubricants Meeting

Technical Session Schedule

Tuesday, October 21

Multi-Dimensional Engine Modeling (Part 1)
(Session Code: FFL120)

Room Executive Room 1  

The spectrum of papers solicited for this session reflect the truly multi-disciplinary nature of the field of Multi-Dimensional Engine Modeling. The session covers advances in the development and application of models and tools involved in multi-dimensional engine modeling. This includes advances in chemical kinetics, combustion and spray modeling, turbulence, heat transfer, mesh generation, and approaches targeting improved computational efficiency. Papers employing multi-dimensional modeling to gain a deeper understanding of processes related to turbulent transport, transient phenomena, and chemically reacting, two-phase flows are also encouraged.

Organizers - Hai-Wen Ge, Chrysler Corporation LLC; Martin Tuner, Lund Univ.

Time Paper No. Title
Application of Adaptive Local Mesh Refinement (ALMR) Approach for the Modelling of Reacting Biodiesel-Diesel Fuel Spray using OpenFOAM
Harun Mohamed Ismail, Monash Unversity; Hoon Kiat Ng, Univ of Nottingham; Suyin Gan, University of Nottingham; Tommaso Lucchini, Politecnico di Milano
A Numerical Study on Detailed Soot Formation Processes in Diesel Combustion
Beini Zhou, Akira Kikusato, Kusaka Jin, Yasuhiro Daisho, Waseda Univ; Kiyotaka Sato, Mazda Motor Corp; Hidefumi Fujimoto, Mazda Motor Corporation
Numerical Simulation on Soot Formation in Diesel Combustion by Using a CFD Code Combined with a Parallelized Explicit ODE Solver
Akira Kikusato, Kazuya Kogo, Beini Zhou, Kusaka Jin, Yasuhiro Daisho, Waseda University; Kiyotaka Sato, Hidefumi Fujimoto, Mazda Motor Corp; Hiroshi Terashima PhD, The University of Tokyo; Youhi Morii PhD, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Conditional Source-term Estimation for the Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Combustion in Homogeneous-Charge SI Engines
Girish V. Nivarti, University of British Columbia; Jian Huang, Westport Innovations Inc; W K Bushe, University of British Columbia
Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics to Explore the Sources of Soot Formation in a Gasoline Direct Injection Engine
Fabrizio Bonatesta, Salvatore La Rocca, Edward Hopkins, Daniel Bell, Oxford Brookes University
Predictive Combustion and Emissions Simulations for a High-Performance Diesel Engine Using a Detailed Fuel Combustion Model
Karthik Puduppakkam, Chitralkumar Naik, Ellen Meeks, ANSYS, Inc.; Christian krenn, Roswitha Kroiss, Johannes Gelbmann, Guenther Pessl, BMW Motoren GmbH
Simulations of In-cylinder Processes in a Diesel Engine Operated with Multiple-injections Using an Extended CMC Model
Nicolò Frapolli, Michele Bolla, Konstantinos Boulouchos, Yuri M. Wright, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
A Study of Two Basic Issues Relevant to RANS Simulations of Stratified Turbulent Combustion in a Direct Injection Spark Ignition Engine
Chen Huang, Andrei Lipatnikov, Chalmers Univ. of Technology; Lars Christian Riis Johansen; Stina Hemdal, Chalmers Univ of Technology
Study of Engine Knockin HCCI Combustionusing Large Eddy Simulation and Detailed Chemistry
Zhi Wang, Fang Wang, Tsinghua Univ.; Shi-Jin Shuai, Tsinghua Univ
Numerical Study of Mechanism for Engine Oil Degradation
Tenghua Shieh, Kiyotaka Yamashita, Oana Nitulescu, TEMA-TTC; Satoshi Hirano, Norio Inami, Toyota Motor Corp; Hiroshi Moritani, TOYOTA CRDL, INC.
CFD model of the mixture formation process of the CNG direct injection engine
Michal Bialy, Lublin University of Technology
Development and Validation of Chemical Kinetic Mechanism Reduction Scheme for Large-Scale Mechanisms (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)
Hiew Mun Poon, Hoon Kiat Ng, Suyin Gan, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus; Kar Mun Pang, Jesper Schramm, Technical Univ of Denmark
Numerical Modelling of Mixture Formation and Combustion in DISI Hydrogen Engines with Various Injection Strategies
Arash Hamzehloo, Pavlos Aleiferis, University College London
The CFD Model of the Combustion Process in a Radial Engine (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)
Konrad Pietrykowski, Lublin University of Technology
Investigating the Effect of the Swirl/tumble Ratio on Flow Uniformity, Turbulence and Mixing Properties Using LES
Martin Söder, Scania; Lisa Prahl Wittberg PhD, Royal Institute of Technology; Bjorn Lindgren PhD, Scania CV AB; Laszlo Fuchs, Royal Institute of Technology
Kinetic Reduced Model of Methane Combustion in an IC Engine (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)
Abdelouahad AIT MSAAD, Mustapha MAHDAOUI, ENSAM Meknes Morocco; Elhoussin AFFAD, FST of Mohammedia Morocco; mhamed mouqallid, ENSAM Meknes Morocco

Planned by General Powertrain Development / Powertrain Fuels and Lubricants Activity