SAE 2014 International Powertrain, Fuels & Lubricants Meeting

Technical Session Schedule

Monday, October 20

Abnormal SI Combustion (Knock, Preignition)
(Session Code: FFL213)

Room TBD  

This session is concerned with issues surrounding auto-ignition and knocking combustion in Spark Ignition (SI) engines. Emphasis is placed upon the direct effects of such combustion in modern SI engines operating with current or future fuels.

Organizers - Alasdair Cairns, Brunel University; Peter Grabner, Graz University of Technology; Cinzia Tornatore, Istituto Motori CNR

Time Paper No. Title
Formulation of a Knock Model for Ethanol and Iso-Octane under Specific Consideration of the Thermal Boundary Layer within the End-Gas
Karel Steurs, Christopher Blomberg, Konstantinos Boulouchos, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Knock Properties of Oxygenated Blends Fuel in Strongly Charged Engines
Zhengyang Ling, Alexey Burluka, University of Leeds; Ulugbek Azimov, Northumbria Univ
An Alternative Method Based on Toluene/n-Heptane Mixtures for Rating the Anti-knock Quality of Practical Fuels
Gautam Kalghatgi, Robert Head, Junseok Chang, Yoann Viollet, Hassan Babiker, Amer Amer, Saudi Aramco
CO2 Emission Reduction Synergies of Advanced Engine Design and Fuel Octane Number
Ben Leach, Richard Pearson, Rana Ali, John Williams, BP International Ltd

Planned by Engine Combustion / Powertrain Fuels and Lubricants Activity