SAE 2014 International Powertrain, Fuels & Lubricants Meeting

Technical Session Schedule

Monday, October 20

SI Combustion Ignition
(Session Code: FFL215)

Room Executive Room 2  16:00

Organizers - Chris J. Brace, University Of Bath; Isaac Ekoto, Sandia National Laboratories

Time Paper No. Title
Advanced Ignition Systems Evaluation for High-Dilution SI Engines
Thomas Briggs, Terrence Alger, Barrett Mangold, Southwest Research Institute
Improvements in Catalyst Warming Time through the use of Pulsed Energy Spark Plug
Timothy J. Jacobs, Texas A&M Univ.; Louis Camilli, Enerpulse; Matthias Neubauer, AVL LIST GmbH
Pre-Ignition of Gasoline-Air Mixture Triggered by a Lubricant Oil Droplet
Mitsuaki Ohtomo, Hiroshi Miyagawa, Makoto Koike, Toyota Central R&D Labs Inc.; Nozomi Yokoo, Koichi Nakata, Toyota Motor Corp.

Planned by Engine Combustion / Powertrain Fuels and Lubricants Activity