SAE 2014 Heavy-Duty Diesel Emissions Control Symposium

Technical Session Schedule

Thursday, September 18

On Road Strategies and Future Developments
(Session Code: HDD700)

Room Bankett High  15:30

Moderators - Chris Such, Ricardo UK, Ltd.

Time Paper No. Title
How will the European LDD Industry Cope with Incoming RDE Regulations?
Richard Dorenkamp, Volkswagen AG
A Bumpy Road Towards Euro6: How Scania did it and the Experience after 2 Years in the Field
In 2008, Scania started to develop an exhaust aftertreatment system for Euro 6. For Euro 5, Scania had taken the decision to go for heavy EGR with a two-stage EGR cooling solution enabling Euro 5 without SCR. But for Euro 6, it was obvious that EGR alone would not be a successful technical strategy. In 2011, Scania, as the first OEM in the heavy truck industry, launched a ready-to-order truck fulfilling Euro 6 emission standards, featuring a combined EGR and SCR solution. Today, Scania deliver Euro6 trucks with SCR-only and believe that is the path to go in the future. In the presentation, Scania Euro6 development is described along with the strategy behind it and the first two years of field experience is shared.
Magnus Mackaldener, Scania AB
Potentials and Challenges for Next Generation HD Diesel Engines
To meet Euro VI emissions requirements has been the central development focus for the current generation of HD diesel engines in the past. Today – after having achieved this challenging target reliable – the development focus changes. Facing significantly increased product cost as well as upcoming legal fuel efficiency respectively CO2 emissions targets, now improved fuel efficiency as well as the reduction of product cost are the main development targets of next generation HD diesel engines.

In this presentation AVL will highlight the potentials and challenges of advanced technologies for next generation HD diesel engines, like high advanced air handling, consequent engine downspeeding, advanced aftertreatment systems, waste heat recovery, etc...
Heimo Schreier, Lukas Walter, Marko Decker, Helmut Theissl, AVL LIST GmbH