SAE 2014 Heavy-Duty Diesel Emissions Control Symposium

Technical Session Schedule

Thursday, September 18

(Session Code: HDD900)

Room Bankett High  08:30

Moderators - Nitin Patel, Volvo Powertrain Corporation

Time Paper No. Title
Keynote: Exhaust Emissions and CO2 Regulations for Heavy Duty and Nonroad Engines – an Outlook beyond Euro VI and Stage IV
Global harmonization of emission limits and regulations is the basis for introducing efficient emission control technologies on a global scale with minor regional adaptations. Proportionality between emissions reductions on the test bench and under real world operating conditions, which is a key requirement for air quality control, is being checked with portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS). An emissions test procedure for heavy duty hybrids was recently adopted by GRPE. Since emissions from Euro VI and Stage IV/V engines are already close to zero, further emissions reductions will not significantly improve air quality. Regulations should rather focus on CO2 reductions taking the whole vehicle or machine into account.
Jürgen Stein, Daimler AG