SAE 2014 World Congress & Exhibition

Technical Session Schedule

Wednesday, April 9

Chat with the Experts: Transactional Six Sigma techniques for developing High performance teams in the Automotive Industry
(Session Code: IDMCHAT)

Room 330 A/B  4:00 p.m.

The past few decades has witnessed increasing competition in the global marketplace resulting in a focused approach towards product development and delivery, supply chain and financial performance and operational processes within various organizations. This is particularly significant in organizations that operate in the Automotive Industry that have a global footprint. The objective of this focused approach has been to enhance the value proposition of the product, product quality, reduce product and operational costs and lead time towards bringing products to the market. Each of the above initiatives involves a multitude of Transactional processes being executed on a daily basis by team members within these organizations as they work towards attaining the above objectives. These transactional activities support everything from executing Engineering changes, procuring parts from Suppliers, delivering products to customers and financial reporting within a legal and statutory compliance framework. Thus, transactional processes play a critical part within these organizations and are an important element in the overall strategic plan to make the same a significant player in the global automotive space. The author has developed and implemented a series of Six Sigma based techniques for Transactional processes and deployed the same worldwide. The focus of this session would be to examine the issues and Six Sigma based techniques to alleviate the same in the context of transactional processes being undertaken by various organizations in the automotive space. This is particularly important as transactional process improvement projects involve processes which are significantly different from those of product design and manufacturing process improvement projects in terms of methodology, approach and improvement objectives. This session would strive to address the above challenges and provide participants with a methodological approach to undertake transactional improvement projects.

Presenters - Balaji Bharadwaj, Visteon Corp.