SAE 2014 Light Duty Emissions Control Symposium

Technical Session Schedule

Tuesday, December 9

PM Control
(Session Code: LDD300)

Room TBD  1:30 p.m.

Time Paper No. Title
1:30 p.m. ORAL ONLY
Filter Technologies for Gasoline Direct Injection Engine PN Emissions Reduction
Roychelle Ingram-Ogunwumi, Rajesh Bhargava, Natarajan Gunasekaran, Thorsten Boger, Dominik Rose, Corning
1:55 p.m. ORAL ONLY
PGM Impacts of GPF
Chris Morgan, Johnson Matthey PLC
2:20 p.m. ORAL ONLY
Catalyzed Soot Filters (CSF) with H2S Control Functionality for Diesel LNT Systems
Lean NOx Trap (LNT) is one of the two NOx control technologies for diesel cars. However, LNT generates high levels of H2S during its desulfation process. We have successfully developed an advanced CSF technology that can effectively control the H2S emission and at the same time maintain its oxidation function for CO/HC. We will show engine and lab data for LNT+CSF system, discuss the chemistry for H2S control and illustrate the functional principle for CSF design.
Yuejin Li, BASF Corp.
2:45 p.m. ORAL ONLY
Ash Interactions with GPF
Seungmok Choi, Argonne National Laboratory
3:10 p.m. Panel
Panel Discussion